Zeda.io 2.0 Launch: A Leap in AI-Driven Product Development and Strategy

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WILMINGTON, DE — Zeda.io this week unveiled its latest AI-powered product intelligence tool that leverages ChatGPT-4. This transformative upgrade is poised to revolutionize how digital products are built by equipping teams with the ability to identify customer problems, make data-driven product development decisions, and measure the business impact of their initiatives, all driven by artificial intelligence.

“Through honest conversations with over 200 CPOs and VPs from top tech companies worldwide, we learned that product teams often struggle to identify what to build next and how to measure the business impact,” said Prashant Mahajan, CEO of Zeda.io. “With Zeda.io 2.0, we provide tools that can help them confidently tackle these challenges.”

Co-founders Prashant Mahajan and Vaibhav Devpura aim to transform the way product teams work, helping them focus on creating value for customers and businesses faster and more efficiently than ever before possible.

Zeda.io 2.0 introduces three key AI-powered features, including:

  1. Customer Insights: Centralize customer and product feedback, uncover critical issues, and discover product opportunities to assess their revenue impact.
  2. Product Intelligence: Utilize artificial intelligence to convert customer signals into actionable product insights, understand customer sentiments, and prioritize product opportunities aligned with business goals.
  3. Strategy Impact: Create product plans and visualize them using strategy maps. Connect your OKRs to your product plan and measure the outcomes of every product with Zeda.io’s proprietary scoring system.

With the launch of Zeda.io 2.0, the company is positioned to impact the North American market, providing businesses with intelligent tools and strategic direction for success in today’s competitive landscape.

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Zeda.io has already received widespread recognition, including being voted the number 2 product of the day on Product Hunt and being named an upcoming startup to watch in both Delaware and India. Zed.io has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc42, Mind the Product, Business Today, and more. The company has also been included in the prestigious Forbes Technology Council.

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