World Champion Skier Partners With Idorsia to Raise Awareness Around Insomnia


RADNOR, PA — Idorsia Pharmaceuticals, U.S. Inc, announced its recent partnership with Lindsey Vonn, world champion skier, philanthropist, entrepreneur and insomnia patient as an ambassador for QUVIVIQ™ (daridorexant) CIV. Vonn, as a patient ambassador, will help raise awareness around the prevalence of insomnia (trouble falling asleep or staying asleep) by revealing her personal struggles with insomnia and her experience taking QUVIVIQ, which her doctor prescribed after discussing her challenges with falling and staying asleep.

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, affecting more than approximately 25 million adults in the U.S.2,3 Sleep is underrecognized as the third pillar of health, next to diet and exercise, particularly regarding the significant direct consequences it has on daily lives. The effects of sleep, particularly lack of sleep, in adults with insomnia, are felt by people during the day.4

Vonn is no stranger to insomnia. Her trouble sleeping began after she sustained a serious knee injury in 2013, and her recovery brought not only physical pain, but also concerns about her overall health, which prevented her from getting the rest she needed. Upon retiring, Vonn thought that without the stress of competition, her insomnia would improve, but as her goals shifted to succeeding in the business world, she continued to have difficulty sleeping and would lie awake at night for hours trying to fall asleep.

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“In an effort to manage my insomnia, I tried several over-the-counter and prescription treatments – along with strategies to improve my sleep hygiene – and found no success. I talked with my doctor and was prescribed QUVIVIQ, a new prescription treatment for adults with insomnia,” says Vonn. “I’m grateful to have found a treatment option that works for me, and I urge those who struggle with sleep to start a dialogue with their doctor so they can find a solution too.”

Vonn joins esteemed actor, author, father and fellow QUVIVIQ patient ambassador Taye Diggs in sharing her unique and personal experience of living with insomnia to encourage people to talk with their doctor and find a solution that works for them. Vonn also shares her personal sleep story and experience with QUVIVIQ, which can be found at and across digital mediums,.

“Lindsey’s experience with trouble sleeping is a story all-too-familiar for people struggling with insomnia. We are excited to enter into a partnership with such a strong advocate for the sleep community and continue to provide a platform for real people like Lindsey and Taye to share their personal experiences,” says Patricia Torr, President and General Manager of Idorsia U.S. “Through our partnerships with Lindsey and Taye, we are continuing to spread awareness around the realities of living with insomnia and encourage people to discuss their sleep struggles with their doctor.”

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QUVIVIQ 25mg and 50mg tablets are FDA approved and available for the treatment of adult patients with insomnia, characterized by difficulties with sleep onset and/or sleep maintenance. QUVIVIQ is recommended once per night, taken orally within 30 minutes before going to bed, with at least seven hours remaining prior to planned awakening.1 In clinical studies, QUVIVIQ helped adults with insomnia fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with improvements measured at month 1 and 3. The most common side effects were headaches and sleepiness. Because QUVIVIQ may cause sleepiness during the day, patients should avoid driving or other activities that require clear thinking until they feel fully awake.

QUVIVIQ™ (daridorexant) CIV is Idorsia’s first approved and commercially available medicine in the U.S. and exemplifies the company’s deep scientific roots and commitment to discovering, developing and bringing new medicines to patients to fulfill unmet needs.

Adults struggling with sleep should speak with their doctor to see if QUVIVIQ is the right treatment option for them. For more information, see the Full Prescribing Information (PI and Medication Guide).


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