Veterans in Pain: Evidence-based Tools and Strategies Can Help You


PHILADELPHIA, PA — Through a partnership with a national nonprofit, Veterans in Pain (VIP), veterans will gain access to Override’s chronic pain management coaching program and receive support from health & wellness coaches specially certified in chronic pain management. Override coaches teach veterans to manage pain differently via evidence-based tools and strategies built into a proprietary pain neuroscience education curriculum. The Override program will allow veterans to make functional and behavioral changes to improve their quality of life.

100% of net proceeds will be donated to VIP, which will use the money to help other veterans obtain treatment. VIP also provides funding for veterans struggling to pay for this care.

According to the NIH, almost 67% of U.S. veterans experience chronic pain. Living with sustained, chronic pain can lead to depression, anxiety, poor sleep, substance use disorder, and suicide. Unfortunately, access to chronic pain specialists is notoriously difficult to obtain. Override was founded by former US Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, MD, and his daughter Jennifer Shulkin, JD, to provide a solution to the fragmented, frustrating, and inaccessible care that people with chronic pain generally experience.

“Chronic pain is one of the most unrecognized and under-resourced medical conditions impacting our veterans. VIP is the only organization of which I am aware that is focusing on the problem. Our company, Override, is also committed to the issue with our successful, evidence-based, chronic pain management coaching protocol. Override is proud to partner with VIP to help veterans find much-needed support and healthcare,” said Override’s co-founder and former VA Secretary, David Shulkin, M.D.

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Override acquired and is now expanding one of the country’s premier coaching companies, Take Courage Coaching, which has been helping people with chronic pain for over 13 years and veterans specifically for over 7 years. The coaching program provides veterans access to up to 4 live, one-on-one coaching sessions per month, weekly group coaching, peer support, and education and instruction on pain neuroscience principles that shed light on how to effectively manage pain.

The coaching protocol takes the latest in brain science and translates it into knowledge that veterans in pain can implement into everyday life. Override has experience helping even the most stuck chronic pain patients who have been in pain for years and haven’t found relief through any other methods.

Outcomes include:

  • an 80% reduction in medication dependence,
  • a 70% improvement in sleep, function, and social outcomes, and
  • a 9.7/10 average patient satisfaction score.

One veteran, Jack, said of his experience: “I had a lot of pain and just ached all over. I didn’t get out of bed. I had given up on everything. I just wanted to die… It wasn’t long after I started talking to my coach that everything changed—my life did a 180 turn.”

Override strives to help veterans with chronic pain become active managers of their own health, which leads to better health outcomes and saves time and energy previously spent running from one pain appointment to another.

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