UBITQUITY, LLC Completes its $900K Seed Round Early

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WILMINGTON, DE — Ubitquity LLC, an enterprise blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, this week announced that it has successfully completed the long sought-after seed funding round from private investors in different regions worldwide.

This round of investment enables further development of the company’s growing network of versatile bleeding edge web3 platforms and solutions, along with new tools to support the US title, escrow, and across a number of vertical markets with NFTitle™ (formerly called Non-Fungible Title™), CryptoListing™, and UbitquityPay™.

“The majority of the latest proceeds from the seed round will be used for ensuring the scalability and stability of our flagship product; NFTitle™, R&D for our experimental software division, UbitquityAI™, as well as general operational expenses. I am thrilled that we not only completed our seed round eleven days earlier than we planned, but we also oversubscribed this fundraising round,” said Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO at Ubitquity.

“Now it’s time to put our foot on the gas pedal. Closing this investment milestone serves to validate our company’s mission. It is vitally important for the next stage of our growth. This investment in Ubitquity is a strong show of confidence in our corporate vision. We are thrilled to welcome the strategic group of investment partners joining our company to help propel us to the next chapter of our start-up,” added Wosnack.

Due to its unexpected oversubscription, Ubitquity is extending its seed round offering until March 31st at 11:59 PM ET (GMT -5) or until it reaches $1 million raised — whichever happens to come first.

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Ubitquity will be launching its Series A offering at 12:00 AM ET (GMT -5) on Monday, April 3rd. To learn more about Ubitquity’s seed round, visit Ubitquity.io/invest and to learn more about its Series A offering, visit Ubitquity.io/series-a.

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