The Construction Industry Has a New National Association on Sustainability

Commercial Construction Sustainability Association

WARMINSTER, PA — A group of construction executives this week announced the forming of the Commercial Construction Sustainability Association (

The industry which, along with its “built environment”, generates nearly 40% of the world’s carbon emissions and has many challenges with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) … will now have its own national association dedicated to the industry’s sustainability activities.

The new association plans to act as a single place where architects, contractors, engineers, banks and financiers, manufacturers, building supply companies and numerous related service companies can come to discuss, research, and discover who’s doing what in sustainability and ESG in the commercial construction industry. These members can learn and profit from each other’s actions. It will track and report on sustainable building projects in the commercial and industrial space and show who the architect and the contractor are, with their contact information, so other members can consider using the specific features in their next building project.

The association will also report on new energy saving products and technologies (with contact information) so everyone participating can gain access to valuable information. This includes the asphalt industry … the concrete industry … the equipment sector … the HVAC sector … and the building materials sector. “We do not see our role as that of an enforcer, but rather that of an informer, so everyone can profit from each other’s designs and structures,” said Founder and CEO, Bob Dallas, who formerly ran his own family-construction business in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and studied architecture in college. “We expect to work with other associations and councils to help extend their efforts. Sustainability works better when we work together,” said Mr. Dallas.

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The association’s co-founder, Chris Nolan, has been involved in numerous sustainability initiatives for more than 40 years, including reforestation in Canada at facilities growing 50 million tree seedlings a year, and “Algae wheel” which cleans sewage water for reuse (so clean you can drink it). “We believe by showing the industry everything that is happening by others, helps the industry learn, adapt and change, and keep its commitments to sustainability goals,” said Mr. Nolan.

The association plans to form committees on each of the subjects of ESG to include Environmental, Social (Workforce) Energy Saving, Sustainability, and Governance, specifically as they relate to the commercial construction industry. Committees will include Sustainable Building Materials and Products … Energy Saving Building Materials & Products … Lowering Carbon Emissions in the Built Environment … Reducing Disruption and Carbon Emissions in Land & Site Development … Improvements in Water Treatment and Heating & Cooling … Workforce Development to include Shortages and Replenishment … New Technologies … How sustainability affects financing … Governance Being Guided by ESG. “These committees will not set standards, but will discuss and decide what methods really work, by actual case analysis,” said Mr. Nolan.

Chairs for each committee will be selected by respected members in a certain discipline (Architects for the Architectural Committee, General Contractors for the Contractor Committee, and Owners for the Owners’ Committee) etc. The association also plans to have Committees for different sizes of business … small, medium and large firms, so the feedback is relevant.

On the association’s website are example projects … one featuring “Smart Windows” recently installed at O’Hare Int’l Airport by VIEW, Inc. that change with the weather. Another recent investment by Allivate Impact Capital reports investing in Baltimore’s first zero-energy multifamily development.

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“It helps to see what others are doing and accomplishing in the industry. It makes more people aware of what is possible and what is succeeding,” said Bob Dallas.

The association also plans to launch a quarterly magazine called “Sustainability in Commercial Construction” later this Spring as well as a Buyer’s Guide and Membership Directory. Cover stories in the magazine will feature major players from each sector.

Individual Annual Memberships are discounted to $79 as an Introductory Rate (available until April 30th, 2023). “Professional Members” membership fee is $175 annually for those within the industry (contractors, architects, etc.) “Associate Members” membership fee is $150 annually for those who serve the industry (lawyers, accountants, banks, etc.).

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