The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache ShenYu as a Top-Level Project

Apache Software Foundation

WILMINGTON, DE — The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 open source projects and initiatives, recently announced Apache® ShenYu™ as a Top-Level Project (TLP).

Apache ShenYu is a Java-native API Gateway for service proxy, protocol conversion, and API governance. It provides a component-rich, easy to extend, and simple to deploy API gateway that reduces costs. ShenYu Gateway is written in Java and its components support multiple languages including .NET, Python, Go, and Java, and deployment with Lua, NGINX, Kubernetes, and Docker.

“ShenYu helps users quickly and easily build an API Gateway for service proxy, protocol conversion, and API governance,” said Yu Xiao, vice president of Apache ShenYu. “The graduation of ShenYu marks the successful establishment of an open, diverse, and mature open source community, which is just getting started. The project will continue to practice the Apache way, building a highly governable community with the most popular, simple, feature-rich API Gateway.”

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ShenYu Features:

  • Proxy: Support for Apache® Dubbo™, Spring Cloud, gRPC, Motan, SOFA, TARS, WebSocket, MQTT
  • Security: Sign, OAuth 2.0, JSON Web Tokens, WAF plugin
  • API governance: Request, response, parameter mapping, Hystrix, RateLimiter plugin
  • Observability: Tracing, metrics, logging plugin
  • Dashboard: Dynamic traffic control, visual backend for user menu permissions
  • Extensions: Plugin hot-swapping, dynamic loading
  • Cluster: NGINX, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Language: provides .NET, Python, Go, Java client for API register

“It was my pleasure to help and see ShenYu grow from a small personal project to a Top-Level Project through the incubator at ASF,” said Willem Ning Jiang, ASF board member and Apache ShenYu Mentor. “I still remember the first time I met with Yu Xiao four years ago to talk about the project, and congratulations again on ShenYu’s graduation.”

“The ShenYu community personified the Apache Way during the incubating process, which enabled it to develop healthily and rapidly,” said Jincheng Sun, Apache ShenYu Mentor. “In 12 months ShenYu has created a fully functional API gateway product that is popular with users. The community will continue to embrace the Apache Way with an open spirit, bringing together global developers and users to carefully carve out each practical product capability and create the greatest value for the public good.”

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“Glad to see ShenYu became a Top-Level Project of the ASF,” said Duo Zhang, Apache ShenYu Mentor. “The community has improved a lot during the incubation time, by learning and following the Apache way. Becoming a TLP is not the end, but a beginning, as the community continues to provide a widely used, full featured API gateway in the future.”

Apache ShenYu is in use at a number of companies in the e-commerce, games, finance, tourism, manufacturing, telecom, taxi travel, live streaming, education, medical, aviation, universities, internet, and other industries.

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