Survey: 48% of Businesses Don’t Use User Verification for IT Service Desk Calls

Specops software
Specops Software survey highlights social engineering vulnerabilities among IT service help desks

In addition, the survey found that 28% of the companies that actually do have a user verification policy in place are not satisfied with their current policy due to security and usability issues. For example, the majority of these companies rely on knowledge-based questions using static Active Directory information, such as an employee ID, a manager’s name, or even HR-based information like the employee’s date of birth or address – data that can easily be sourced by hackers. In fact, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommends against using knowledge-based questions because of their lack of security.

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“Based on our recent findings, password resets at the service desk are a serious vulnerability for organizations of all sizes,” said Marcus Kaber, CEO of Specops Software. “In the absence of a self-service password reset solution, it is up to the service desk agent to verify that the caller is the legitimate owner of the account before issuing a new password. Unfortunately, without a secure verification policy in place, service desk agents can provide account access to unauthorized users without even knowing it – exposing businesses to an increased risk of costly cybersecurity breaches.”

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