Superbrewed Food and Acme-Hardesty Partnering to Bring Superbrewed’s Butyrate Postbiotics to Broad Consumer Market

Superbrewed Food

NEW CASTLE, DE — Superbrewed Food, Inc. and Acme-Hardesty, a division of Jacob Stern and Sons, Inc., have entered into an agreement for Acme-Hardesty to distribute Superbrewed’s butyrate postbiotic supplement in the United States and Canada. The collaboration will greatly expand the availability of natural, sustainable butyrate for nutritional supplements.

The companies report taking supplemental butyrate offers substantial health benefits for humans and animals. Clinical studies have demonstrated that butyrate helps regulate blood sugar levels, protect against colon cancer, prevent travelers’ diarrhea, treat inflammatory bowel disease and decrease the risk of heart disease. When used to supplement poultry diets, butyrate allows for the elimination of antibiotics from the diet while reducing incidence of salmonella and promoting more efficient use of feed.

“Superbrewed Food and Acme-Hardesty will offer the only natural source of mass-produced butyrate in the United States, which will be a huge win for health-conscious consumers,” said Bryan Tracy, Superbrewed’s CEO. “Our production process mimics the natural processes of the gut microbiome, versus the petroleum-based product on the market today. Our butyrate is produced as part of our production of Superbrewed protein, our animal-free protein products to be launched early next year. Because the two are produced together, with production costs shared across both products, we can offer a better product at prices well below the price of butyrate on the market today.”

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“We are excited to partner with Superbrewed Food,” said Graeme Biggin, Business Development Director of Acme-Hardesty. ”Customers are telling us that there is a strong desire, and huge untapped demand, for a natural postbiotic option. By offering Superbrewed Food’s superior butyrate supplement through Acme-Hardesty’s extensive distribution network we bring the benefits of butyrate postbiotics to a broader group of consumers, setting the stage for explosive growth in this portion of the $80 billion consumer biotic market.”

Acme-Hardesty will distribute Superbrewed Food’s butyrate in two key butyrate markets – Nutraceutical and Cosmetic/Personal Care, and poultry feed additive.

Customers trust Acme-Hardesty’s formulation expertise to develop healthy-for-you solutions for both human and animal health. Acme-Hardesty offers an extensive array of “prebiotics”, the aim of which is to help the microbiome produce a range of postbiotics, of which butyric acid is key. By bringing butyrate to market via a low-cost, natural and sustainable route, consumers can have direct access to the benefits of postbiotics.

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