Stockwell Elastomerics Announces Three Ultra-Soft, Silicone-Based, Thermally-Conductive Gap Fillers from Polymer Science

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PHILADELPHIA, PA —Stockwell Elastomerics today announced the availability of three ultra-soft, silicone-based P-THERM thermal gap fillers from Polymer Science for conversion and distribution. PS-1541, PS-1543, and PS-2505 promote heat dissipation and support compression between surfaces where there are height variations or dimensional tolerance issues. These thermally-conductive gap filler materials also have an embedded fiberglass support and removable polyester carrier for ease-of-installation. Applications include gap filler pads for EV battery components, LED and automotive lighting, infotainment modules, and computers, tablets, smartphones, and digital personal assistants.

All three ultra-soft, silicone-based, thermally-conductive gap fillers from Polymer Science provide good wet-out so that they conform to irregular surfaces and fill the air gaps between printed circuit board (PCB) components. The thermal conductivity of PS-1541, PS-1543, and PS-2505 is significantly greater than air (0.025 W/m K) and ranges from 1 to 5 W/m K. These thermal interface materials also vary in terms of dielectric strength and durometer. Hardness is measured on the Shore 00 scale, which is for rubbers and gels that are very soft. The data below shows key product specifications; view the thermally conductive materials data sheets page for details.

  • PS-1541 Gap Filler has Hardness: 9 Shore 00, Thermal Conductivity: 1 W/m K, Dielectric Breakdown Strength: 9.36 kV/mm.
  • PS-1543 Gap Filler has Hardness: 47 Shore 00, Thermal Conductivity: 3 W/m K, and Dielectric Breakdown Strength: 6.80 kV/mm.
  • PA-2505 Gap Filler has Hardness: 54 Shore 00, Thermal Conductivity: 5 W/m K, and Dielectric Breakdown Strength: 18.00 kV/mm.

“Today’s electronics are putting more heat-generating components into increasingly smaller spaces, including applications where there are irregular surfaces or dimensional tolerance issues,” said Dan Shanahan, Director of Application Engineering. “Stockwell Elastomerics is pleased to provide the industry with thermally-conductive gap fillers from Polymer Science that address these and other thermal management challenges.”

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PS-1541, PS-1543, and PS-2505 have a UL 94V-0 flammability rating and comply with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and halogen free (HF) requirements. These highly compressible and flexible materials are supplied on rolls or sheets in thicknesses that range between 0.5 mm and 5.00 mm. Their excellent converting properties support die cutting and waterjet cutting, services that Stockwell Elastomerics provides at its manufacturing facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA).

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