Steven Singer Jewelers to Give Away $3 Million Dollars Worth of Lab Grown Diamonds

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PHILADELPHIA, PASteven Singer Jewelers\ has announced an extraordinary initiative. Steven has what only five years ago was $3 million worth of lab-grown diamonds and today he’s giving them away. The jeweler which sells nationally online and has a flagship store in Philadelphia, aims to celebrate its unwavering commitment to Earth Born Diamonds™ and educate how the mass production of lab-grown diamonds has caused the rapid decrease in value by roughly 90 percent, making them almost worthless.

Steven Singer, the visionary founder and CEO of Steven Singer Jewelers, expressed his excitement by saying, “Steven Singer Jewelers doesn’t believe in lab-grown diamonds because they lack what makes Real Natural Earth Born Diamonds™ so special: the incredible formation over millions, if not billions, of years,” said Steven Singer. “There’s been a debate in the industry but I knew anything that can be mass-produced infinitely will rapidly lose value, which is exactly what happened as production scaled. Lab-grown diamond value continues to plummet and I just don’t feel right about selling them knowing they will be worthless one day.”

Steven pointed out, “Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend, just like the famous song. It’s no surprise Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and even Brittney have shot videos draped in diamonds, but we’re talking about real diamonds.” He also added, “While lab-grown may be an isometric carbon system like Earth Born diamonds, it is merely an imitation of an incredible natural process and the similarity to a diamond is not a good enough reason to use them in something as special as jewelry.”

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This Saturday, August 12, from Noon to 2 PM EST ONLY, Steven Singer is giving away 100 FREE lab-grown diamonds – no purchase necessary, first come first serve to kick off the campaign. These diamonds are available only at Steven Singer Jewelers located on the Other Corner of 8th and Walnut on Historic Jewelers Row, 739 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. This is a kick-off for a brand new promotion where Steven Singer is giving away a 1-carat lab-grown diamond for anyone who purchases a Real Natural Earth Born Diamonds™ Engagement Ring. Engagement Rings start at only $548. This is a limited time offer while supplies last online.

In addition to the $3 million dollar promotion, Steven Singer Jewelers launched beginning today a national advertising campaign that will feature eight TV spots along with dozens of billboards, radio and digital ads launching in markets to include: Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, New Jersey, Fort Meyers, Washington D.C. and many more. The debut TV spot “Hello Dolly,” can be viewed on and YouTube @stevensingerjewelers and it’s no surprise the reaction you will get if you propose to Dolly with a lab-grown diamond.

Steven Singer Jewelers is the only jeweler company to offer a “Love Guarantee.” Steven is pairing his unbelievable Love Guarantee with his unbeatable Lifetime Trade-In Benefit. Steven is taking no-risk shopping to the next level. Buying jewelry can be a big step emotionally and financially. Steven Singer Jewelers has found ways to make the purchase easy and stands behind his jewelry, and standing behind hearts. If things go south in a relationship the Love Guarantee allows you to return the item in exchange for FULL credit to Steven Singer Jewelers if things just don’t work out. Steven Singer has and will never sell lab-grown diamonds.

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