Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC Partners with Galaxy Skyverse

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WILMINGTON, DE — Galaxy Skyverse is a metaverse land and commercial land-based project. They are the first VR-based metaverse mall where one can enjoy live shopping as a GSV token holder. They offer complete integration of e-mail, gaming, OTT, Defi, and asset management all in one place. They implement blockchain technology along with virtual reality, and they offer an enriched real-time experience like no one else. Galaxy Skyverse offers a next-generation shopping experience with its virtual metaverse mall. Through the metaverse mall, they want to provide complete customization of their clone. Customers would be able to shop as real-world in the virtual world. Users would have a wide range of access options to bookstores, clothing brands, pharmacies, banks, etc.

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with GSV to create a comprehensive marketing strategy along with a Tokenomics plan for its primary token – $GSV. The comprehensive strategy would help GSV clarify why they are launching in the market, understand their target market and create a plan to engage with the customer and increase market presence. Ruskin Felix, Founder of RFC stated “ We aim to help the company in complete execution of its plan from ideation, smart contract development, execution, marketing, design, branding as well as listing of the project on major exchanges.”

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC is also assisting GSV with web development and UI/UX design. The web development would help them promote their brand name and would help them operate on a world-class scale. The UI/UX design would help them segment their audience which is important for understanding the requirement of the consumer. This will help them to convert their customers into loyal ones.

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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC would also be assisting GSV with its social media management for platforms such as Instagram, and Twitter, which would help them strengthen its digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing would help GSV create a successful business as they learn about the specifics of the market and how their solution would help them solve a particular problem. By creating a digital marketing strategy for them, Ruskin Felix Consulting wants to help them understand how their brand will position itself online to generate more business.

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC is also assisting GSV with the rebranding of its company and strategy. That will help them to grab attention and make a strong first impression. It will lay the foundation for its brand identity and will separate them from its competitors while also fostering brand loyalty. The firm focuses on providing composite consulting services for blockchain projects – Business strategy, Platform development, Game development, Coin distribution and supply management, Risk mitigation plan, Capital raising, Valuation services, Tokenomics, game design document, launching of the cryptocurrency, IDOS, STO/ICO planning and technical project execution and social media marketing.

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