“Rise Up!” Achieves Amazon Best-Seller Status, Captivates Readers

Dr. Teri RouseSubmitted Image

DRESHER, PA — SuccessBooks® announced that “Rise Up!”, co-authored by Dr. Teri Rouse, motivational speaker Lisa Nichols, and other professionals worldwide, has achieved Amazon Best-Seller status. Launched on May 23, 2024, the book has quickly resonated with readers, rising through the ranks with its inspiring stories of overcoming adversity and beginning anew.

“Rise Up!” features a collection of life-changing stories that illustrate triumph over extraordinary hardships. The book has secured notable rankings on Amazon’s best-sellers charts, including top spots in Entrepreneurship, Motivational Leadership, Motivation & Self Improvement, and Personal Finance categories. It also ranked highly on nine New Release lists.

Dr. Teri Rouse’s chapter, “Braver Than I Believed,” stands out as a pivotal contribution to the book’s success. Dr. Rouse is known for her expertise in early behavior intervention, reading, autism specialization, and educational coaching. She is a seven-time best-selling author and recipient of the Quilly Award, recognized by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors.

In addition to her writing, Dr. Rouse is an internationally renowned speaker. She has addressed global audiences on topics like literacy and strategies for managing challenging behavior in children. Her involvement with organizations such as the Division of International Special Education Services and the Council for Exceptional Children underscores her commitment to education and positive behavior support.

Dr. Rouse founded KIDS: Interventions & Direct Services and created transformative programs like the “Real Peaceful Parenting Framework” and “Braver Than You Believe Empowerment Program,” aimed at helping families improve communication and harmony at home.

Her influence extends beyond literature and speaking engagements. Dr. Rouse has appeared on major networks and ventured into production, working as an executive producer with Abundance Studios on documentaries addressing critical social issues.

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Despite her professional achievements, Dr. Rouse finds joy in personal pursuits. She enjoys writing, reading, crafting wine, and spending time with her family and pets.

The rapid success of “Rise Up!” on Amazon reflects the book’s compelling narrative and the powerful insights shared by its authors. As readers continue to discover its stories of resilience and renewal, the book’s impact grows, cementing its place as a significant work in motivational literature.

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