Realism Kandles Introduces Personalized Candle Shopping with Aroma Persona Test

Hulette – Ocean Breeze Scented CandleSubmitted Image

MIDDLETOWN, DE—Candle lovers have a new reason to celebrate. Realism Kandles has launched an innovative tool to simplify and enhance the candle shopping experience. The Aroma Persona Candle Test helps customers find the perfect fragrance to match their mood and personality.

Choosing the right candle scent can be overwhelming due to the vast array of options available. Realism Kandles aims to ease this process with its new test, making it both quicker and more enjoyable.

Research shows that scents can significantly impact mood and environment. Aromatherapy is increasingly popular as people seek specific fragrances for various situations, whether to create a calming workspace or a relaxing bath.

Understanding the importance of aromatherapy, Realism Kandles developed the Aroma Persona Candle Test. This eight-question survey asks users about their emotions, preferences in candles, and favorite scents.

After completing the survey, users receive a personalized candle recommendation. They can instantly link to the recommended product on Realism Kandles’ website and make a purchase.

“At Realism Kandles, we believe in a hyper-personalized approach to fragrances,” said Mary Atkinis-Harris, the business owner. “Having the right scent for your personality, mood, and space is important to reap all of the amazing benefits of aromatherapy. With this in mind, we’ve made the candle scent matching process easy and taken out the guesswork with our easy aroma persona candle test so you can find the best product to match your mood and lifestyle.”

With this new tool, Realism Kandles hopes to revolutionize the way people shop for candles, making it a tailored and satisfying experience.

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