Radian Group Launches Title Insurance and Closing Services Online


PHILADELPHIA, PA — Radian Group Inc. (NYSE: RDN) announced the launch of titlegenius by Radian, a direct-to-consumer service that provides a simple, transparent and secure way to order title insurance and closing services online.* Backed by patent-pending technology solution built on blockchain, titlegenius is the first in a series of “genius”-branded services the company is bringing to market to reimagine the way customers interact with the real estate services market. titlegenius debuted in Florida in May and the company is planning to expand it to additional states in the coming months.

At www.mytitlegenius.com, consumers will have access to Radian’s blockchain-enabled online portal that empowers them to shop for and save on title and closing services directly. The portal provides easy-to-use tools that range from remote check capture to online notarization, enabling homebuyers to proceed through the closing process more quickly and confidently than ever before.

“titlegenius by Radian gives homebuyers control over the closing process through a fully digital experience that removes uncertainty, ensures timely communication, is competitively priced and lightens the financial burden on borrowers,” said Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Franchise Officer, Brien McMahon. “And as part of Radian, titlegenius benefits from the backing of one of the largest and most respected providers of mortgage and real estate services. We’re thrilled to launch this service for our customers and look forward to rolling out many other innovations in the coming months that are expected to transform the way real estate agents, lenders, mortgage and real estate investors, and consumers interact from search to close during the homebuying and selling process.”

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titlegenius is offered through homegenius by Radian, a suite of digital products and services that are being engineered to solve not only the challenges customers and agents face today, but to anticipate and solve for ones they may face in the future. Some of the products and technologies that are part of the homegenius by Radian product suite today and in the near future were showcased during the company’s virtual Real Estate Segment Investor Day last week. Here are just some of the products and technologies the company expects to launch soon:

  • geniusbuyer: This Qualified Lead Network is being developed to identify, engage and leverage brokers across the country to provide home buyers and sellers the best real estate experience with the right real estate professional.
  • geniusprice: Provided by Radian’s Red Bell Real Estate, LLC subsidiary, geniusprice is an intelligent pricing engine, designed to lead the industry into the future with predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, and automation working together to deliver estimated property values with unparalleled accuracy in an instant.
  • geneuity: A sophisticated yet simple platform, geneuity combines artificial learning and machine learning technologies, data and modeling, with the tools agents need to do their jobs, into a single, powerful workflow system that is intended to deliver on the promise to make them “the smartest agent in the room.”
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“By leveraging our emerging breakthrough digital solutions including our innovative property intelligence engine, patent-pending title solution on blockchain, and lead generation technology all powered by big data, analytics and artificial intelligence, we believe homegenius by Radian is poised to become a full-service solution that will finally deliver the long overdue innovation the real estate marketplace has been waiting for,” said Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, Eric Ray.

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