R24 Capital Group Stands Against Harmful Manipulation Practice

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WILMINGTON, DE — Financial freedom is a hot topic nowadays, as well as the dream of many people. Financial investment is often treated as a door to dream life. However, some investment platforms are very tricky and even gradually “stealing” investors’ money from their pocket by different techniques. With the concept of “In Trust We Trade,” R24 Capital Group has initiated a “Fair & Transparent Trade” campaign to kick out harmful manipulation practice among trading platforms and actively participate in social welfare, fulfill social responsibilities, and achieve the sustainable development of enterprises and society.

“In Trust We Trade” – R24 Capital Group always strives to build up a safe trading environment for people to get wealth. Frequent charges of handling fees and huge spreads are 2 commonly used techniques in trading platforms. It gives out no hope of winning but makes investor’s difficult money disappear in the wind. R24 Capital is determined to change all of these by below commitments:

  • No slippage
  • No delay in transaction
  • Low & returnable handling fee

Other than the “Fair & Transparent Trade” campaign, R24 Capital Group attaches great importance to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility and strives to give back to the society by continuous devotion in corporate social responsibility.

R24 Capital Group has set long-term operational goals with the primary mission of ensuring the safety of customers’ funds. In terms of operation, they continuously improve the client trading environment and experience. They provide ongoing online and offline market activities, hoping that those can deliver an enormous sense of security in the complicated financial market to their clients. They guarantee a stable development, build a long-term trust foundation with their clients step by step, and strive to help everyone acquire great achievements. Regular reports will be shared to clients to record each project progress and company current & future development plan to maintain high level of transparency and allow clients to monitor the company performance.

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Compliance with laws and regulations is the prerequisite and basis for enterprises to operate. R24 Capital Group highly emphasizes on business risk management, continues to promote the construction of a compliance system, actively promotes a compliance culture, and comprehensively guarantees the stable operation of enterprises. In order to strictly control all potential risks in the company’s operation, R24 Capital Group established a crisis management committee to identify and analyze various risks and crises, draw up a red line for risk management, actively protect the company’s rights and interests, and ensure the stable operation of the company.

“Getting Better Together” is their core goal in CSR. At R24 Capital Group, they strive to create a diverse but best working environment with full respect. They adhere to the “people-oriented” concept, establish and improve the salary and welfare system, and encourage employees to pursue their dreams. Both economic and ideological improvements are what they want to see from their employees. At the same time, R24 Capital Group adheres to ethical labor practices to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all employees and does not treat employees differently based on gender, age, color, nationality, and temporary health status.

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