Parents Can Set Kids Up for Success in 2022 by Teaching Them How to Budget and Save Money with Mazoola

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BLUE BELL, PA — It’s almost 2022, and a new year means setting new goals and creating new budgets – this includes kids, too! Based on the current economic climate, it’s more important than ever to teach kids how to budget and save money, and there’s no better tool than REGO’s super app, Mazoola℠, a family digital wallet that puts kids’ privacy first.

The earlier that children learn about finances, the fewer mistakes they’ll make when they reach adulthood. Research from College Pulse shows that only one in five college students were taught about financial literacy. With Mazoola, kids get an early start on learning and preparing for future financial success in a safe, fun, and interactive way. Mazoola allows parents to assign chores, reward desired behaviors and automatically distribute allowances – all from their mobile phone. The super app easily tracks how much money children have earned to help them learn to save for what matters most and empower them to make their own decisions.

“The start of the year is the perfect time to get kids excited about budgeting and saving money,” said REGO Head of Strategy Dan Aptor. “Parents can collaborate with their children to help them learn how to manage their money responsibly. Mazoola is designed specifically with that in mind, but in a safe space where kids can make mistakes without getting into any real financial trouble.”

Based on T. Rowe Price’s 13th Annual Parents, Kids & Money Survey, 50% of kids responded that they want to be taught how to save money, and 39% of kids said they want to understand how much money things cost. The Mazoola app was designed by parents to teach kids essential money management skills while building confidence and long-lasting financial habits in a safe environment.

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Parents can download Mazoola for free in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Find out more about how Mazoola can help at

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