OpSec Security Launches OpSec KeyCode

OpSec Security

LANCASTER, PAOpSec Security has launched OpSec® KeyCode, a first-of-its-kind holographic two-factor authentication label that protects brands from counterfeiting and gray market sales. This patented innovation creates a holographic image out of each authentication code, which counterfeiters cannot replicate, and product diverters cannot remove.

OpSec® KeyCode labels secure Digital Identity through two-factor authentication via a unique serial number along with a random three-letter suffix. However, KeyCode transforms that random three letter authentication code into a 3-Channel Optically Variable Device (OVD), otherwise known as a hologram, to provide superior on-product brand authentication and irreplicable Digital Identity. Prior to this patented invention, it was cost-prohibitive to represent random or variable data seamlessly in an OVD structure.

KeyCode provides a virtually impossible-to-replicate solution for brand protection and is an ideal solution for manufacturers adopting a Digital Identity program to better defend their intellectual property. KeyCode has been developed especially for products sold online like consumer goods, electronics, and automotive parts, where product authenticity is critical and can be challenging to manage.

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The latest innovation from OpSec is another demonstration of their ability to innovate and anticipate its customers’ brand protection needs. “The challenges manufacturers face in securing Digital Identities have become more sophisticated, requiring an advanced solution to ensure product authentication. With the release of OpSec® KeyCode, we are the premier industry partner to provide this added layer of security that also integrates into an existing OVD structure as a standalone technology. To achieve this level of protection with any other supplier, two separate labels would be necessary,” Jim Keller, Global VP of Technology and Operations at OpSec Security stated. “OpSec® KeyCode is the single most cost effective and secure on-product unique identifier available in the marketplace today.”

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