Nintendo’s Mario Kart Killer to Feature 10,000 Playable Characters Designed by AI

artsy monke

WILMINGTON, DE — The Artsy Monke™ art collection hit the headlines this summer for transforming NFT’s biggest stars, The Bored Ape Yacht Club, into machine-learned works of fine art. Boasting a trading volume on OpenSea approaching 300 Eth in secondary sales alone, the Artsy Monke™ project was one of the first in the world to successfully create and sell out an art collection using state-of-the-art AI technology on Google servers. What many initially believed to be a fan art project of their Ape predecessors has quickly built its own unique trademarked art brand, spawning parent company Monke Business LLC (DE, US) in the process.

Their first AAA game, spearheaded by Nintendo registered developer Grims, and blockchain developer Dan Hovey, is taking on one of the world’s most loved racers, Mario Kart, and integrating some of the most promising aspects of Web3.

“The players will never need to connect to a single crypto wallet. They’ll select the character they already own on the menu screen and play. The game will do the rest. The owner address of that character NFT will receive any and all rewards. So even if you have people choose to race an Artsy Monke™ NFT they don’t own, it doesn’t matter. They still get to enjoy the game, and the real owner gets the valuable prizes the player accumulated. It’s a win-win, and nobody has to connect to anything.” Said Grims.

The game is currently in beta with exclusive early access given to holders via the Artsy Monke discord group.

“We believe that the only NFT projects that will survive this bear market are ones with utility.” Said Dan Hovey, lead blockchain developer and co-founder. “We wanted to add additional utility to those who have invested in our community. This completely free to play game will bring awareness to our project and reward the players who own Artsy Monke™.”

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The game is being developed for Steam (including Steam Deck), Nintendo Switch and mobile.

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