New White Paper Shines Light on Critical Issues in Women’s Health

The Women Are Not Alright

PHILADELPHIA, PALevLane Advertising and Rosy Wellness have released a white paper titled “The Women Are Not Alright,” addressing critical issues in women’s health. This report uncovers a vital link between mental and sexual health and highlights significant healthcare disparities.

“We’re excited to share this white paper, which dives into the real challenges women face with their mental and sexual health,” said Liz Weir, Chief Marketing Officer of LevLane and co-author of the study. The agency aims to spark meaningful conversations and inspire positive changes through this research.

The data reveals that women experiencing sexual problems are 30% more likely to have poor health and 15% more likely to report low sex satisfaction. Additionally, nearly 50% of women cite mental health concerns, like depression and anxiety, as their top health priority, significantly impacting their sexual well-being.

Lyndsey Harper, MD, CEO of Rosy Wellness and co-author of the white paper, emphasized the importance of comprehensive solutions in women’s health. “We must change the way we talk about and treat women’s health issues to ensure we can provide patients with evidence-based answers and the empowerment they need to improve their overall quality of life.”

The white paper argues for robust and accessible educational programs, holistic care incentives, focused funding for women’s health, and advanced research on the connection between mental health and sexual wellness. These steps can lead to practical solutions and reduce the stigma surrounding these issues.

The findings and recommendations were discussed at Kisaco Research’s June Women’s Health Innovation Series webinar titled “Empowering Women Through Collaboration: Bridging the Gap Between Mental and Sexual Health.” Speakers included experts from various fields:

  • Karla Loken, DO, Vice President of Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations at HerMD
  • Liz Weir, Chief Marketing Officer at LevLane Advertising
  • Lyndsey Harper, MD, CEO of Rosy Wellness
  • Natalie Msechu, Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist at Resolve Counseling and Wellness
  • Rachel Braun Scherl, Co-Founder and Chief Vagipreneur® at SPARK Solutions for Growth
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Empowering Women’s Health: Transforming Care with Innovation

The white paper’s release is significant for its potential impact on women’s health. By highlighting the interconnectedness of mental and sexual health, the report calls attention to areas often overlooked in standard healthcare practices. It proposes actionable recommendations that could transform how healthcare providers address women’s health issues.

Improving women’s health involves more than just treating symptoms; it requires understanding and addressing the underlying factors contributing to these health problems. The white paper makes this clear and offers a roadmap for fostering a more inclusive and effective healthcare system for women.

This collaboration between LevLane and Rosy Wellness represents a step forward in addressing the nuanced needs of women’s health. As more organizations recognize the importance of such comprehensive approaches, the hope is that women will receive the care and support they need to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

For the general public, this white paper serves as a crucial reminder of the ongoing disparities in healthcare and the urgent need for targeted interventions. The detailed findings and proposed solutions offer a path toward better health outcomes for women, highlighting the importance of continued advocacy and innovation in this field.

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