New Ocean Health Solutions Unveils Mobile Program to Tackle Rising Substance Use Disorders

New Ocean

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA — New Ocean Health Solutions, a leading provider of mobile-first enterprise health management platforms, has launched ‘Substance Use Management’, a comprehensive digital program designed to support adults and families grappling with substance use disorders. This initiative comes at a time when triggers like stress, isolation, and increased access to drugs or alcohol during the holiday season can make sobriety a daunting challenge.

The solution, which is accessible on mobile devices, encompasses 14 holistic digital programs. These offer engaging educational content and activities aimed at curbing substance use, strengthening relationships, and guiding users towards healthier lifestyles.

Recent figures paint a grim picture of substance use disorders in the U.S., with 21.9% of the population aged 12 or older having used illicit drugs in the past year. Furthermore, 16.5% meet DSM-5 criteria for having a substance use disorder, representing a staggering rise of 197.5% from 2019 to 2020. With drug overdose being the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., effective management solutions are more critical than ever.

Dr. Michael Musci, Chief Medical Officer of New Ocean, said, “The disease of substance use is complex and chronic but also treatable. Our solution offers support beyond clinical settings, aiming to engage individuals and families impacted by substance use disorders.”

The ongoing pandemic has exacerbated risk factors for substance use disorder, including a family history of addiction and depression and anxiety stemming from isolation or a lack of community.

Hal Rosenbluth, Chairman and CEO of New Ocean, commented, “We’re proud of New Ocean’s work in substance use management. We’re committed to making our digital solution available to everyone with a smartphone or computer access. Our solution provides a holistic approach to address rising substance use disorders, and we’re pleased to make this available to all.”

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The program focuses on managing cravings, getting adequate rest, identifying triggers, managing setbacks, establishing a community, setting boundaries, and finding and providing support. It is available to employers, health plans, and health systems. Philadelphia-based law firm Blank Rome LLP has been offering The Voyage, another New Ocean product, to their employees for six years.

“Blank Rome has been proud to partner with New Ocean Health Solutions since 2018,” said Beth Friel, CHRO, Blank Rome LLP. “Through New Ocean’s The Voyage app, we have implemented exciting programs for our colleagues to help promote healthy habits in several areas, including physical activity, nutrition, sleep, stress management, preventive care, and condition management. By participating in group and individual challenges through The Voyage, our colleagues are tapping into reward-earning programs that build healthy habits through an engaging and user-friendly platform. The Voyage continues to be a vital part of our well-being program and we look forward to continuing to partner with New Ocean to support our colleagues’ health and wellness goals.”

With the launch of the Substance Use Management program, New Ocean Health Solutions continues to innovate in the realm of digital health solutions, aiming to address the growing challenge of substance use disorders head-on.

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