Montgomery County Calls on Dedicated Voters for Statewide Honor

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NORRISTOWN, PA — In a nod to civic dedication, Montgomery County is calling on its most committed voters to step forward for a special recognition. The county is inviting residents who have voted in 50 or more consecutive November elections to apply for admission to the Voter Hall of Fame, a statewide honor administered by the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Elections Bureau.

The Voter Hall of Fame is a unique way of acknowledging those citizens who have consistently shown up at the polls, rain or shine, every November for at least half a century. These are voters who have not missed a single general election since 1973—a remarkable testament to their commitment to democracy.

Successful applicants will be listed on the Department of State’s website and receive a commendation from the state. Furthermore, the Montgomery County Commissioners are planning an in-person celebration on April 4, 2024, to recognize these stalwart voters.

County Commissioner Neil Makhija, who also chairs the Board of Elections, expressed his admiration for these dedicated individuals. “The right to vote has been hard fought and hard won,” he said. “We applaud these citizens for understanding and cherishing that right while setting an example for all of us.”

Despite the Department of State only listing 62 Montgomery County residents in the Voter Hall of Fame, Makhija believes there are many more who meet the criteria. In addition to recognizing these seasoned voters, the county is also looking forward to honoring young people who have voted in 30 consecutive elections and a new group called “50 under 50”, who have voted in 50 elections by age 50.

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Voting, as Commissioner Jamila H. Winder points out, is a crucial way to engage with the democratic process. “Not many people in Montgomery County know about the Voter Hall of Fame,” she said. “We encourage folks to get in touch to find out more.”

For Commissioner Thomas DiBello, this is an opportunity to thank voters for performing their civic duty and to underscore the importance of voter registration and participation in elections.

Eligible voters—those born before 1955 who have voted in every general election since 1973—are encouraged to submit their applications to Montgomery County Voter Services by email or mail. Those who apply in March 2024 will be invited to the April 4 celebration at One Montgomery Plaza in Norristown.

In a time when voting rights are under scrutiny and debate nationwide, the Voter Hall of Fame stands as a testament to the power of the individual voter. It’s a reminder that each vote matters and that consistent participation can lead not just to recognition but to the shaping of our democratic processes.

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