Migrating to GA4? Try VWO’s One-Click Migration Chrome Plugin

Migrating to GA4Submitted Image

WILMINGTON, DE — As announced recently, Google is going to sunset Optimize and Optimize 360 on September 30th this year. VWO this week announced it has created a one-click migration Chrome plugin that will allow affected users to quickly move all their data and campaigns with no downtime. Users can seamlessly migrate their campaigns, variations, settings, historic data, and users to VWO in less than 30 seconds. While VWO, as one of the selected partners to tightly integrate testing within GA4 continues to collaborate with Google on that, the show must go on for users that have a roadmap of tests they need to conduct.

Ankit Jain, Head of Engineering at VWO stated, “As the sunsetting of Google Optimize and Optimize 360 approaches, a lot of users we spoke to were worried about the cumbersome manual movement of campaign and data when they transition from Optimize to VWO. I’m thrilled that our team was able to quickly build an automated way to do this. Google Optimize and Optimize 360 users can not only seamlessly migrate all their existing data and campaigns to VWO in just 30 seconds but also be rest assured that all historic learnings from the tests they ran in the past would not be lost.”

The automated process will add seamless value to the users and their existing campaigns as Ankit explained, “The automated migration process will transfer all users, variations, targetings, objectives, and settings across all experience types, as well as collected data ensuring a seamless transition without any downtime.”

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