Microcosms: A Curated Collection of Writings Reflecting on Life, Love, and Sobriety

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LANCASTER, PA — In their fourth book, andrw fx revisits their formative writing years. Largely based on a meticulous Burroughs-esque cut-and-paste method, this curated collection of works from 2013-2017 is made of poems, vignettes, thoughts, and microstories.

“Microcosms is a throwback in the spirit of youth’s indelible experience,” andrw says.

“It came to me leading up to my seventh year of sobriety, living openly as a queer person with a supportive and compassionate partner, that things have never been quite this good. And I revel in it—I truly do. There are at least as many pieces of me as days that I’ve lived existing across a linear narrative made of very real photos and film snippets and dialogues and audio, all playing at the same time in my mind; books, clothes, untouchable objects, drawings, tattoos, scars, songs, and old writing, among others.”

Their new book, microcosms: poems, vignettes, thoughts and microstories from 2013-2017, is available now in paperback.

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