Media X Caribbean to Ignite a Green Revolution with its Climate Change Awareness TV Channel

Media X Caribbean

MIDDLETOWN, DE — Media X Caribbean announced the launch of its groundbreaking TV channel, dedicated to climate change awareness and environmental actions in the Caribbean region. The channel will be launched on 30 July starting from midnight, and it will provide viewers with inspiring content through four TV channels in English, French, Creole and Spanish, encouraging Caribbean communities to take meaningful steps towards a sustainable future.

As the Caribbean grapples with the urgent challenges posed by climate change, Media X Caribbean emerges as a beacon of hope, committed to fostering a profound understanding of environmental issues and inspiring collective action.

“Media X Caribbean was established from a deep sense of responsibility to our beloved region and its stunning natural beauty,” says Lyndia Dupré, Founder and Co-manager of Media X Caribbean. “Through our channels, we aim to amplify the voices of environmental champions, educate the masses on climate-related topics, and drive positive change for a greener tomorrow.”

Media X Caribbean will offer a diverse array of content, including 8 exclusive programs ranging from thought-provoking documentaries, to engaging interviews with experts leading the fight against climate change. The channel will also showcase stories of communities coming together to implement sustainable practices and protect their precious natural resources in addition to morning meditation program, musical shows, healthy cuisine, and kids-targeted show.

The launching broadcast for Media X Caribbean is scheduled for 30 July, 2023 through the official streaming platform. The event will feature thought-provoking discussions, captivating presentations, and a sneak peek of the channel’s riveting content.

“We invite all members of the media and the public to join us at the launch event and be part of this extraordinary initiative,” adds Amal Khalil, Co-manager and marketing director for Media X Caribbean. “Together, we can spark a green revolution and pave the way for a resilient and thriving Caribbean.”

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