Manheim Township, Lancaster County Improves Transparency, Streamlines Budget Work with OpenGov


MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, PA — Wanting to eliminate the chance of manual budget errors, the Township of Manheim, Pennsylvania sought a reliable solution for its budgeting needs. It found the answer in OpenGov, budgeting software for towns and cities.

Located just an hour from Baltimore, the Manheim Township officials had previously relied heavily on spreadsheets for its budgeting, leaving the potential for errors and a lack of a reliable audit trail. In its quest for a new solution, the Township wanted a platform that could streamline internal budget processes and allow for the effortless submission of departmental proposals. It was OpenGov Budgeting & Planning that captured the Township’s attention, with its promise of comprehensive features coupled with an intuitive design.

By integrating OpenGov Budgeting & Planning, Manheim Township aims to harness a new era of budgeting precision. It anticipates a refined budget development process across all departments, and thanks to the software’s capabilities, department heads can consistently submit accurate proposals with detailed justifications. Further, the platform ensures automated calculations and instills confidence that data is updated regularly, making oversights like unprocessed checks a concern of the past.

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