Lincoln Financial Group Enhances Its Best-Selling Registered Indexed-Linked Annuity to Help Protect Against Market Volatility

Lincoln Financial Group

RADNOR, PA — Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE: LNC) continues to innovate its best-selling registered indexed-linked annuity (RILA), Lincoln Level Advantage®, with the introduction of two new crediting strategies – Dual Performance Trigger and Dual15 Plus – designed to allow for more upside in down markets. These enhancements come as 85% of U.S. adults say they’d like to invest their money in a solution that protects them from losses during times of market volatility,2 according to recent data by Lincoln Financial Group.

With money market yields averaging 4-5% for the first time in over a decade,3 investors are choosing to hold their cash, bringing cash balances to a record high of $5.4 trillion in money market assets as of May 2023.4 Dual Performance Trigger and Dual15 Plus are designed to provide a solution for investors concerned about market volatility by offering protection in up, flat and down markets without missing out on investment opportunities.

“Protecting assets from inflation and market volatility has become a top priority for investors in recent years, but that has created significant increases in cash holding which can come at a big cost long term,” said Daniel Herr, senior vice president, Annuity Product Management at Lincoln Financial Group. “These product enhancements give investors opportunities to stay invested while managing market volatility. Investors who are fearful of the market can stop parking assets in cash and instead stay invested in a way that not only protects them against market volatility, but also gives them the opportunity for growth in flat and certain down-market scenarios.”

Lincoln Level Advantage offers a variety of crediting strategies to help support individuals’ unique investment goals. Both new strategies can help clients grow their account value when the market is up, flat or down allowing them to face uncertainty with more confidence. The Dual Performance Trigger offers a 1-year term, providing investors the flexibility to reinvest or reallocate every year, while Dual15 Plus offers a 6-year term.

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“Since 1972, the S&P 500® Index declined 52 out of 529 times over a 6-year period.5 With Dual15 Plus, 50 of those declines would have resulted in positive returns,” said Tim Seifert, senior vice president and head of Retirement Solutions Distribution at Lincoln Financial Group. “This is just one example of the impact these crediting strategies can have as part of a holistic financial plan, and we at Lincoln Financial are happy to offer these solutions as another way for advisors to help clients retire with confidence.”

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