Lancaster County DA Rules Shooting of Bicyclist Justified

Police news© LukaTDB / Getty Images Signature / Canva

LANCASTER, PA — An incident that unfolded on the afternoon of March 13, 2024, has led to a declaration of justified use of deadly force by the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office. The confrontation, which occurred on Fruitville Pike near its intersection with Delp Road, resulted in Robin Megill being wounded by gunfire. Despite the serious nature of the event, Megill sustained non-life-threatening injuries and is anticipated to recover fully.

The sequence of events leading to the shooting began when Megill, navigating the roadway on a bicycle, caused a backup of vehicles behind him. After a driver honked their horn, Megill halted in the lane, blocking the flow of traffic. He later moved to the roadside, allowing vehicles to pass, only to pursue one of them—a vehicle that had earlier signaled their impatience with a beep.

Eyewitness accounts and video evidence reviewed by the Manheim Township Police Department detail how Megill aggressively approached the vehicle he had been chasing once it stopped at a red light. In a moment of apparent confrontation, he opened the front passenger door and advanced towards the interior, prompting the driver to discharge a firearm, striking Megill.

Following the incident, the driver immediately contacted emergency services and cooperated with arriving officers. The investigation led the District Attorney’s Office to conclude that the driver’s actions were legally justifiable. Citing the principle that individuals have the right to defend themselves against illegal and forceful entry into an occupied vehicle, the office determined the use of deadly force was warranted under the circumstances.

The driver, found to be legally carrying the weapon, will face no charges. Meanwhile, Megill has been cited with disorderly conduct. It’s important to note that in the American legal system, all accused individuals are considered innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.

This case highlights the complexities surrounding self-defense laws and the circumstances under which individuals may legally employ deadly force. As the community reflects on this incident, questions about road safety, the interaction between cyclists and motorists, and the parameters of self-defense continue to surface, highlighting the ongoing dialogue about public safety and legal rights.

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