LAN Infotech Joins EasyDMARC’s MSP Program to Enhance Email Security and Deliverability for Clients

emailImage by Muhammad Ribkhan

MIDDLETOWN, DE — EasyDMARC, a vendor of the cloud-native email security and deliverability platform, announced a strategic partnership with LAN Infotech, a leading managed service provider based in South Florida.

This partnership will help LAN Infotech’s clients to protect their email domains from being used for phishing and other fraudulent activities, as well as improve their email deliverability rate.

Email security has become a significant concern for businesses of all sizes as cyberattacks, such as phishing and spoofing, are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Verizon DBIR 2021 mentions that 93% of all successful cyberattacks begin with a phishing email.

In light of this, LAN Infotech has taken a proactive approach to help its clients secure their email domains and protect their sensitive information.

“We know email is our customer’s lifeline to their clients. It’s not just a way to communicate but also a way to build trust and reputation with clients. That’s why we offer EasyDMARC, a service that helps you manage and maintain your email deliverability and security,” said Michael Goldstein, President of LAN Infotech.

“We are thrilled to welcome LAN Infotech to our growing partner network. Their commitment to delivering exceptional IT services and support to their clients aligns perfectly with our mission to make email safer for everyone,” said Gerasim Hovhannisyan, CEO of EasyDMARC.

The DMARC standard enables the automatic flagging and removal of receiving emails that are impersonating senders’ domains. It is a crucial way to prevent outbound phishing and spoofing attempts.

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