Keystone Outdoor Gear Co Introduces TakTable, a Better Folding Camp Table

TakTableSubmitted Image

DOYLESTOWN, PA — Keystone Outdoor Gear Co (KOGC) announced it is now shipping its first product, the TakTable™. After an exciting journey, grappling with inferior camp furniture can leave adventurers frazzled and unable to enjoy a well-earned break. What should have been downtime becomes lost time when travelers aren’t comfortable. With TakTable™ everything is clean, safe, and handy anywhere in the world. This counter height wonder is ready in seconds and provides the perfect spot for meal prep, a blazing stove, dinner, and games to support a perfect adventure.

Quality has its benefits, and one of them is consistent performance year after year, trip after trip. TakTable™ is 95% steel and aluminum combined for strength and lightness. The pivots are brass and steel for a lifetime of smooth action.

And the top and base connect together with stainless steel clips. That means consistent holding power and easy set up every time.

The top is aluminum for stiffness, durability, and heat resistance. Keystone Outdoor Gear Co made a custom extrusion tool for optimal strength to weight with a few design benefits thrown in. For instance, it can be covered in hot coals, no problem.

The legs are steel for strength and stiffness. So strong that KOGC ran out of weights while testing it. The current record is 270 lb – so sportsmen can clean whatever they catch while fishing or hunting. The legs are protected with e-coat, a lightweight and environmentally friendly process that coats both the inside and the outside.

Stowage and Use
The patent pending design stows quick, tight, and self-contained. No need for a big flat area for storage. Yet it is much stronger than any table that stows in a long compact form of 5” x 5” x 38”. When it’s open, there is a 29.5”, working height, 18” x 38” sturdy surface.

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Missing hardware is not an issue because everything is integrated. There are 2 parts, a base and a top/case. To store it the base goes in the case. To use it the top holds to the base with stainless steel spring clips for easy assembly and use. It’s so easy to put together that most people never read the instructions, even the first time they use it.

The TakTable™ has plenty of room to seat 2, but a bigger group is easily accommodated by attaching another in seconds to make a 36” x 38” table. Then a party of 4 can be comfortably seated for dinner or a game of poker, or an 18” x 76” configuration is possible for a buffet or beer pong.

Additional Benefits
There are so many cool things this table can do. There is a unique pattern molded into the edges of the top. They’re not only designed for strength and light weight, they also accept add-ons like cup holders, or hooks to hang kitchen utensils. Customers can download free 3D models and have them printed for even greater comfort. New models are being added frequently.

The design provides seemingly endless additional advantages. For instance, the top stays cool even in direct sunlight.

It’s reflective enough to be a giant mirror for signaling or a photoshoot. And while the top won’t stop large caliber rounds it does offer some protection from shrapnel, out of control LARP’ers, and angry honey-badgers (hey, it can happen!).

As a bonus the table is environmentally friendly – the materials are not only easily recycled but mostly recycled themselves.

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TakTable™ retails for $179 including free shipping and free accessories. TakTable™ Jr., a smaller version, will be shipping soon. They are available for both B2B and B2C sales. Find out more at

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