IntegriChain’s Jeff Baab to Speak on Best Price Stacking at Informa Conference


PHILADELPHIA, PA — IntegriChain has announced that Jeff Baab, Vice President of Advisory Services and a recognized expert in regulatory and government pricing, will speak at Informa’s Pricing and Contracting USA conference. The event, which runs from May 21-23 in New Orleans, Louisiana, will feature a session focused on the complexities and implications of best price stacking.

On May 22, Baab will lead a session titled “Forecasting and Contextualizing Stacking Impacts” at 10:35 am ET. His presentation aims to demystify the concept of best price stacking, an issue that has generated significant discussion within the pharmaceutical industry.

Best price stacking refers to the accumulation of rebates and discounts that manufacturers must manage to comply with federal and state regulations. This process impacts how drugs are priced and contracted across different markets, affecting both revenue and compliance.

Baab’s session will cover several key areas:

  • Understanding Stacking: He will provide a historical overview and explain the fundamental concepts.
  • Current Industry Approaches: He will discuss how companies are addressing stacking issues within their operations.
  • Implications and Downstream Effects: Baab will explore the broader consequences, including states’ requests for Inflation Reduction Act data and reviews of the 340B Program language.
  • Impact on Contracting Roles: The session will also delve into how stacking affects decisions at the customer and contract levels.

Jeff Baab brings extensive experience to the discussion. As Senior Vice President of IntegriChain’s Advisory Services, he has been instrumental in guiding thought leadership within the firm. Previously, he served as Vice President of Life Sciences at daVIZta before its merger with IntegriChain in 2019. His background covers more than 16 years in the Managed Markets industry, focusing on regulatory updates, government pricing, and commercial contracting.

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Baab’s expertise is particularly relevant given the increasing complexity of pharmaceutical pricing. Manufacturers face growing pressures from both regulators and market forces to optimize their pricing strategies while maintaining compliance. Understanding best price stacking is crucial for navigating these challenges effectively.

The significance of Baab’s presentation extends beyond the conference. With the pharmaceutical industry under intense scrutiny over drug pricing, insights from experts like Baab can help companies develop more effective pricing strategies. This, in turn, could lead to more stable pricing structures and potentially lower costs for consumers.

Moreover, the discussion on best price stacking aligns with broader healthcare trends. The industry is moving towards greater transparency and accountability, and understanding complex pricing dynamics is a critical part of this evolution. By shedding light on these issues, Baab’s session could influence how pharmaceutical companies approach pricing and contracting in the future.

For IntegriChain, having a senior leader like Baab speak at a prominent conference reinforces the firm’s reputation as a thought leader in regulatory and pricing issues. It highlights the company’s commitment to helping clients navigate the intricate landscape of pharmaceutical pricing and compliance.

In conclusion, Jeff Baab’s upcoming session at the Informa Pricing and Contracting USA conference represents a valuable opportunity for industry professionals to gain deep insights into best price stacking. As regulatory pressures continue to mount, such knowledge is essential for pharmaceutical companies striving to balance compliance with competitive pricing strategies. Baab’s expertise and IntegriChain’s leadership in this area position them as key players in the ongoing dialogue about drug pricing and regulation.

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