InductEV Announces Four Newly Granted U.S. Patents

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KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — InductEV (formerly Momentum Dynamics) recently announced four additional U.S. patents issued or allowed by the U.S. Patent Office. These patents are based on the innovation and real-world commercial experience that InductEV has gained from its customers scaling its wireless charging systems around the world.

“InductEV innovates through our relentless focus on product improvements, real-time research and development and knowledge gained in the field,” said Tony Calabro, CTO and Chief Product Officer, InductEV. “Each of these new patents was the direct result of that emphasis on practical application and continuous improvement.”

One of the new patents, Near Field, Full Duplex Data Link for Resonant Inductive Wireless Charging, improves direct communications between the vehicle assembly and battery management system and the ground assembly of the charger, minimizing potential interference from nearby or adjacent vehicles. This is a significant advancement in charging technology, which improves the reliability and efficiency of charging systems.

Tony Calabro emphasized that the Efficiency Gains Through Magnetic Field Management patent is another example of our continuous improvement approach. It was a result of discoveries made during in-field testing and optimization of our charging systems, which led to alternative power transfer coil designs that raise power transfer efficiency while simultaneously reducing both size and material usage.

Another patent, Current Sensing in a Wireless Power Transfer System, allows for wireless current measurement while maintaining high efficiency and operation of the wireless power transfer system. This feature in the company’s charging technology provides accurate and reliable current measurements, which is critical in energy management.

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An additional patent, the Contactless Swappable Battery System patent, offers a potential major advancement in a range of vehicle and non-vehicle applications where swappable batteries are an attractive alternative. This patent helps eliminate the engineering and practical limitations of physical electrical contacts with battery units, while providing additional safety benefits and enhancements in data security.

“We design and build solutions to the real-world challenges our customers face in autonomous charging and energy management in commercial and low dwell environments further demonstrating our technology leadership in the high-power market via these and additional patents we are in the process of filing,” said Chuck Russell, President and COO of InductEV.

InductEV has delivered over 1GWh of energy to customers across the U.S. and the EU through its wireless charging network – the equivalent of saving 433 metric tons of CO2.

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