How Mental Health and Age Shape Workers’ Compensation claims


KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — How do age and mental health affect the duration of workers’ compensation claims? Since between 20 and 30% of these claims involve physical therapy, MedRisk’s 2023 Outlook Industry Trends report analyzed the impact of biopsychosocial factors on the duration of physical therapy treatment.

“It’s widely accepted that the older you are, the longer the recovery process may take. But exactly how much longer?” asked MedRisk’s Vice President of Clinical Services Brian Peers, PT, DPT. “As the US workforce continues to age, it’s crucial for the industry to understand how factors such as age and mental health can affect the length of recovery for patients.”

MedRisk, which has amassed decades of data, analyzed millions of claims to determine the impact of age, depression and anxiety on the length of physical therapy treatment and the number of visits.

“We knew we would find that length of treatment increases with age, but we also saw that depression has a similar impact on case duration,” said Dr. Peers.

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to share our insights with the industry and help improve the treatment and recovery of patients to support their return-to-work journey,” said Danielle Lisenbey, MedRisk’s CEO.

MedRisk’s 2023 Outlook Industry Trends Report also provides a comprehensive overview of the legislative and regulatory decisions related to physical medicine in the workers’ compensation sector from the past year. The report is available for download at

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