Harsco Environmental Renews Key Contract with SULB Company: A Strong Signal for Investors

Enviri Corporation

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Harsco Environmental, a division of Enviri Corporation (NYSE: NVRI), has announced the renewal of a multi-year services contract with SULB Company (SULB). The deal marks the third consecutive extension since 2012, signaling a strong and mutually beneficial partnership.

Based in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), SULB is a leading manufacturer of multi-sized angles and beams. Under the five-year contract, Harsco Environmental will continue to provide a suite of services including slag and scrap management, handling of finished and semi-finished products, yard management, and briquetting services. Crucially, the contract also includes processing slag to recover valuable metallic and utilizing slag for various applications.

For investors, this renewed deal could be a significant value driver for Enviri Corporation. It not only provides a steady revenue stream for the next five years but also strengthens Harsco Environmental’s footprint in the GCC region, potentially paving the way for future contracts.

Moreover, the agreement underscores Harsco Environmental’s ability to deliver sustainable solutions that both maximize environmental benefits and return valuable raw material into production. This could make the company an attractive prospect for environmentally conscious investors, who are increasingly seeking companies with strong ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) credentials.

Harsco Environmental’s President, Mauro Curi, highlighted the importance of the deal, stating, “The multiple renewals speak to the mutual trust and understanding forged with SULB over a long-term and meaningful working relationship.” His sentiments were echoed by Ravi Singh, CEO of SULB Company, who praised Harsco Environmental for its high-quality services and commitment to safety and sustainability.

As investors navigate the current market environment, they should pay close attention to companies like Enviri Corporation that are securing long-term contracts and demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices. Such companies are well-positioned to weather market volatilities and deliver robust returns over the long term. The contract renewal with SULB is a testament to Harsco Environmental‘s ability to secure recurring revenue streams, making Enviri Corporation a company worth considering for investors’ portfolios.

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