H2-CCS Network Captures Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Sequestration Opportunities

H2-CCS Network

PENN VALLEY, PA — The energy industry is experiencing radical change as companies adjust business models to address climate change, emissions and ESG. New startups are emerging creating niches that are becoming billion-dollar market segments overnight. These are all coalescing with the federal government, Wall Street and environmentalists around hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration. The formula results in in trillions of dollars in spending over the next decades.

Many companies are wondering how they can tap into these burgeoning spending opportunities. The answer is The H2-CCS Network. The Network was created to provide the latest, most comprehensive information on the developments in hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration.

In addition to providing latest information, the businesses that join the network will benefit from the Network’s proprietary newsletter and monthly marketing calls with the H2-CSS Network principals.

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The Network was founded by Joe Barone, President and Founder, Shale Directories and Tom Gellrich, CEO, TopLine Analytics. Shale Directories founded in 2009 is the #1 online directory serving the oil and gas industry in the Appalachian Basin, the Permian and Eagle Ford Shale plays. Additionally, Shale Directories has been producing six conferences a year presenting the latest information focused upstream, midstream, downstream and underground storage. “After talking to industry experts, the hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration market growth will be bigger than the shale plays,” stated Joe Barone, President & Founder, Shale Directotries.

Tom Gellrich, CEO TopLine Analytics, is world recognized petrochemical industry consultant. Gellrich’s career includes positions at ExxonMobil, TOTAL, and Elemica. He has worked on broad range of projects for global petrochemical companies, and the financial community. Gellrich’s insights will be very valuable to company’s receiving the H2-CCS Network newsletter and he participates in the monthly marketing calls. “The ground floor is now; first movers are aggressively staking out positions.”

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Barone and Gellrich are encouraging businesses to jump into these markets now. The growth will be exponential. They want companies to get in early to build experience and credentials for the sustained growth the industries will experience over the next decades.

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