Get the Facelift Look Without Surgery: Forte Faces Opens in Conshohocken

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CONSHOHOCKEN, PA — Forte Faces, a new aesthetic practice specializing in facial enhancement, including non-surgical facelifts, full-facial balancing, antiaging, and revitalization, is now open at 101 E. 8th Ave., Suite 210 in Conshohocken. Founded by nurse injectors Miranda Webb and Sara McLaughlin, the practice is committed to the ultimate patient experience. And just as the name suggests — faces are their forte.

“We want everyone to feel welcome, to feel they are cared for, educated, and holistically treated,” explained Miranda. “Many places pop in 10 units here, 10 units there, and a little filler wherever without really considering a number of factors: the patient’s individual anatomy, their age, personal goals, underlying health concerns, past experiences, profession, etc. We ensure we have the proper support staff so that we can take the time we need to fully investigate patient history and concerns, create comprehensive plans, and provide patients with education that goes missed more often than not in many practices.”

While the office offers a variety of aesthetic services, Sara and Miranda’s specialty is non-surgical procedures such as an alternative to liposuction, using deoxycholic acid + Morpheus8 for fat reduction and skin tightening in the following areas: double chin, buccal area (inner lining of the cheeks), stomach, inner thighs, back of arms, and flanks & back; along with non-surgical facelifts using Morpheus8; Face and Instalift Threads; non-surgical facelifts using TOX; cellulite reduction using Morpheus8 Body; non-surgical brow lifts using PDO threads; and non-surgical blepharoplasty (removing excess eyelid skin) using Morpheus8 Prime.

“We created our practice around procedures and products that we know provide results,” said Sara. “We both worked extensively with Morpheus8 before opening, and knew the results were safe, consistent, and genuinely very impressive for a variety of concerns. We specifically do not work with certain companies that we do not believe have ethical models and/or products. We only brought in a very specific service menu so that no patients have to get caught up in the “fluffy” treatments. All of our treatment protocols work. They all provide fantastic results every time.”

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Miranda, a former ER nurse and Sara, who was in cardiac care, met while working as freelance injectors at a med spa in Chester County, and they quickly realized they shared many ethical concerns about the industry. “We both saw a lot of gaps in patient care — from how patients are acquired and treated, to follow-up care and patient confidentiality. We both have a very clear vision for the experience we want our patients to have when they walk through our doors, and we were not able to provide them with all of this under the umbrella of other brands.” The duo said that the launch of Forte Faces started as daily conversations which quickly but methodically evolved into a true vision which was brought to life through strategic planning and a little blood, sweat, and tears. The pair are extremely excited to be open and incredibly proud to offer patients their services.

One thing that differentiates Forte Faces from other offices is their check out process. “We see it all too often in practices where the patient comes to the desk and the number of units of TOX they received are shouted out with other patients within earshot in the waiting area, or the cost of services is announced for everyone to hear. While it is 2023 and many patients are very open and speak freely about cosmetic procedures, many do not. As medical providers, patient confidentiality and privacy should be held in the highest regard. We set up our practice to support this entirely,” they noted.

In the state of PA, the legal requirement to inject is a nursing license. This leaves way for a lot of uneducated providers to be technically “allowed” legally to perform aesthetic procedures without much knowledge or experience at all. Miranda and Sara have 15 years of combined experience under their belts and their own educational platform for other injectors, as finding quality education in the field is both difficult and overwhelmingly expensive. “It is no wonder the quality of services varies so much from practice to practice,” they say.

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While many patients may think “I should go to a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist to get my injectables”, and it’s understandable patients would feel “safer” in the hands of a physician, the reality is that doctors receive very little formal training and are not administering injections day in and day out, they point out. Some of the most complicated cases Miranda and Sara have seen are fixer uppers from doctor’s offices. “That is not to say there aren’t fantastic plastic surgeons who are really, really good injectors–it’s just that most patients don’t understand the nature of injectables and choosing a physician solely because of a medical degree may not always necessarily be the best choice.”

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