GeoBlue Earns URAC Accreditation, Enhancing Healthcare Quality for International Members


KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — GeoBlue, a global health insurance provider, has received URAC accreditation for health utilization management. URAC, an independent organization, promotes healthcare quality by setting high standards for clinical practice, consumer protections, performance measurement, operations infrastructure, and risk management. This accreditation signifies GeoBlue’s commitment to delivering quality care, enhancing processes, ensuring patient safety, and improving health outcomes.

GeoBlue leverages its in-house clinical team, composed of doctors and nurses available around the clock, to assist members in understanding and navigating foreign healthcare systems. This team provides patient advocacy and education, particularly for those with chronic conditions and diseases.

“Healthcare professionals know that utilization management is vital to ensure patients receive appropriate care for their specific needs,” said URAC President and CEO Shawn Griffin, MD. “URAC’s Health Utilization Management Accreditation demonstrates excellence in reviewer qualifications, efficient timelines, appeals, and drug utilization management. We are proud to recognize GeoBlue for achieving this accreditation.”

Diego Fernández, GeoBlue President and CEO, expressed pride in the accreditation. “This URAC accreditation validates our status as an outcomes-driven healthcare organization committed to high standards of care,” Fernández said. “Our purpose is to simplify the international healthcare experience for our globally mobile members. Utilization management is a critical tool to help us fulfill that promise. These services empower our members to manage their health better, achieve improved outcomes, and ensure they receive quality, evidence-based care.”

For the general public, understanding the significance of URAC accreditation can be complex. Simply put, it is a gold standard in the healthcare industry, indicating that GeoBlue’s processes meet rigorous quality benchmarks. This accreditation reassures members that they will receive reliable and effective guidance and support when seeking medical care abroad.

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This achievement has broader implications for the healthcare industry, especially as globalization increases mobility. With more people living and working internationally, the demand for accessible, high-quality healthcare grows. GeoBlue’s accredited status means it is well-equipped to meet these demands, providing peace of mind to its members who may face unfamiliar healthcare systems.

Furthermore, the focus on health utilization management is crucial. It ensures that patients get the right care at the right time, avoiding unnecessary procedures and optimizing resources. This practice not only benefits individual patients but also enhances overall healthcare efficiency and effectiveness.

For organizations, this accreditation can translate into economic benefits. By ensuring that employees receive appropriate care promptly, companies can reduce absenteeism and improve productivity. Healthy employees are more engaged and less likely to incur high medical costs, contributing to the company’s bottom line.

GeoBlue’s achievement highlights the importance of continuous improvement and adherence to high standards in healthcare. As the industry evolves, maintaining such standards will be essential for providers aiming to deliver top-notch care. This accreditation sets a benchmark for other health insurers to strive for similar excellence.

In summary, GeoBlue’s URAC accreditation for health utilization management marks a significant milestone. It underlines the company’s dedication to quality care and improved health outcomes for its members. As global mobility continues to rise, the need for dependable healthcare solutions becomes ever more critical. GeoBlue’s commitment to meeting these needs positions it as a leader in the international healthcare market, offering a model of excellence that others in the industry can emulate.

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