Fortress Power Joins Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Program

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LANGHORNE, PA — Fortress Power, a leading energy storage company headquartered in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, recently announced its acceptance into the Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Program. This partnership extends Fortress Power’s presence in Virtual Power Plants(VPPs) beyond its current locations across the Northeast US, California, and Puerto Rico, marking a significant milestone in the company’s aim to support grid resilience and the growing VPP movement across the United States.

To be eligible for the program, Fortress Power had to meet rigorous requirements, including stringent warranty and battery lifetime standards. Additionally, the company implemented a communication protocol to ensure the swift and effective response of its batteries to meet Rocky Mountain Power’s requirements for Ancillary Services. After months of dedicated effort, Fortress Power successfully demonstrated its compliance with these requirements to Rocky Mountain Power, leading to acceptance as a trusted partner in the program.

Homeowners in Utah and Eastern Idaho who install batteries can now enroll in the Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Program, opening new opportunities for substantial savings on their energy bills and contributing to a more stable and efficient grid. Fortress Power is proud to offer the largest incentives in the program, setting a new standard in the program.

Homeowners with a Fortress Power 12kW Envy system can receive an upfront payment of $4,800, along with an annual payment of $180. All these incentives are in addition to substantial savings the homeowner will save on their utility bills. Homeowners who opt into this program with the Envy system will get the highest rebate per kilowatt of energy storage in addition to ensuring energy security and resilience for their home.

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Brian London, Fortress Power’s VP of Energy Solutions, oversaw the efforts to meet the Wattsmart standards and expressed, “We are excited for the huge contribution Fortress will be able to make to the communities in Utah and Idaho. This partnership with Rocky Mountain Power signifies our commitment to using energy storage based Virtual Power Plants to provide a more stable, sustainable grid across the United States and lower energy costs.”

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) allows for efficient energy control through a collection of batteries connected via software. Homeowners participating in the Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Program temporarily cede control to utilities during specific times, contributing to grid stability and efficiency. In return, they receive upfront payments, bill savings, and annual financial benefits while helping their communities transition to cleaner energy sources.

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