Filter Warehouse USA Launches HVAC Filter With Optimal Level Of Air Filtration

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FAIRLESS HILLS, PA — Filter Warehouse USA announced it has recently launched its 30 x 32 x 2 Ultra Pure Pleat Merv13 HVAC Air Filter. Made from premium quality, synthetic media, the filter offers the highest level of air filtration without compromising equipment efficiency. This makes it suitable for use in commercial establishments as well as at home. With the launch, the company aims to provide a solution to customers looking for air filters capable of delivering superior indoor air quality.

The 30 x 32 x 2 Ultra Pure Pleat Merv13 HVAC bucks county air filters come in a pack of 6 units. It has a versatile design that makes it installable in most types of HVAC air vents. The filter features highly-engineered media that is more effective in capturing airborne contaminants in the 0.3 – 1.0 micron range which include spores, viruses, and bacteria. It has a filtration efficiency of about 75% for air particles in this size range and over 90% for those between the range of 3 – 10 microns. Filter Warehouse USA recommends replacing the filter at least once a year to ensure units function properly and prevent filtration efficiency from receding.

The new UltraPure MERV 13 filter makes substantial improvements to the quality of indoor air. With easy installation, it efficiently filters the conditioned air supplied from HVAC vents, preventing the circulation of air contaminants such as pollen, mold, dust, and microbes that can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and other symptoms. In addition to these, poor air quality also lowers the energy level and overall productivity of employees. By investing in a premium quality filter such as the Ultra PURE Plus MERV 13 HVAC Air Filter, organizations can promote significant improvement in the performance of their team and reap financial benefits from their overall increase in productivity.

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During the launch, the company’s founder and current president said, “We are dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized, professional service to our customers. In doing so, we follow high standards in both manufacturing and product development. Filterwarehouse USA is committed to the satisfaction of our customers, and we work hard to bring you top quality products at the lowest prices. Our filters have a high level of efficiency enabling them to eliminate a wide range of air pollutants of varying sizes from circulated indoor air”.

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