Exam Master Endorses Rosh Review as the Official PA-CAT Test Prep Qbank

Exam Master

NEWARK, DE — Exam Master Corporation recently announced exclusive sponsorship of a new high-yield PA-CAT test prep resource developed by Rosh Review.

The Company states that because of its strong reputation supporting PA education and aspiring PAs, Rosh Review was selected by Exam Master as the only officially endorsed developer of a question bank resource to help aspiring PAs prepare for the demanding PA-CAT. “We have long known that Rosh Review has a good reputation in the PA community, and that they would develop a quality product,” said Jim Pearson, Exam Master’s CEO. “We wanted to make sure that PA-CAT candidates had a combination of both free study resources and premium resources to help them do their best on this important exam,” said Pearson. “We believed that Rosh would make a good partner both because of the quality of their work and their ability to develop a resource that will benefit PA-CAT candidates this year.”

The PA-CAT test prep resource by Rosh Review is designed to complement the existing free PA-CAT study resources available through Exam Master by helping PA-CAT candidates accurately identify their strengths and weaknesses in the nine subjects covered on the PA-CAT. The Rosh Review Qbank then allows candidates to address these knowledge gaps using practice questions, detailed explanations, teaching images, and a personal analytics dashboard. “As a company that specializes in test preparation and electronic testing, we know that detailed explanations supplemented with images and graphical content, can really help solidify the learning,” said Pearson. “The Rosh product has very thorough explanations which will help candidates get a better handle on understanding the challenging concepts covered on the PA-CAT.”

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The PA-CAT test prep question bank is available directly through Rosh Review for individual subscription: https://www.roshreview.com/pa-cat/

Additional study and informational resources for active or prospective PA-CAT candidates are available from Exam Master: https://www.pa-cat.com/preparing-for-the-pa-cat/

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