Emile Henry Celebrates National Flour Month

baking breadSubmitted Image

NEW CASTLE, DE — Emile Henry, a French ceramic bakeware and cookware company, celebrates National Flour Month with the debut of a downloadable Emile Henry Bread Baking Recipe booklet, available at emilehenryusa.com.  The Company collaborated with baker and author, Priscilla Martel, to create the bread baking recipe booklet and a National Flour Month series of home bread baking recipes at PriscillaMartel.com. The recipes include an Oatmeal Stout Loaf, Ciabatta, Artisan Wheat Blend Slicing Loaf and Chocolate Cherry Babka.

These National Flour Month recipes include tips and tricks to help home bakers bake delicious, crusty bread at home.  The recipes use different types of flour and different mixing and handling techniques instructing readers on how to bake beautiful loaves. Each weekly bread recipe will be accompanied by an Instagram giveaway of an Emile Henry ceramic, covered bread baker.

The Emile Henry bread bakers make bread baking accessible to everyone. The secret to making crispy bread is how it is baked: at high humidity levels, carefully adjusted according to the volume of dough being baked. Emile Henry bread bakers recreate the conditions found in a traditional bread oven, at just the right level of humidity. The ceramic bakers ensure that homemade bread comes out baked to perfection, light and airy inside, with a golden, crispy crust.

Emile Henry has withstood the test of time, making beautiful, high-quality ceramics in Marcigny, France since 1850. Today the Company uses its experience as a leader in the science behind ceramics to invent new ceramic technologies from sustainable, local clay, always with the goal of helping to help make cooking and baking easier and more pleasurable for households all around the world.

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