Do You Have Mold In Your Home?

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Learn the Subtle Signs of Mold in Your Home and Protect Your Family’s Health

EPHRATA, PA — Mold hides in the nooks and crevices of a home, slowly growing and eroding away at the health of its occupants. Compleat Restorations wants to make sure you understand the signs of mold growth and what you can do about it.

“Mold isn’t something you see and forget about, “owner Cliff Ellis said. “It continues to grow until it invades your air ducts and causes allergy-like symptoms or worse.”

Mold grows in moist, humid areas such as basements and where leaks occur in the home. If a basement has recently flooded or there is a leaking pipe, then the area is prime for mold growth. Mold occurs in many colors and causes a range of health problems from mild allergies to severe respiratory infections.

Compleat Restorations suggests professional remediation of any mold growth found in a home. If any mold remains after cleaning, then it regrows and becomes trouble once again. Only the professional tools of remediation can guarantee complete eradication of the mold.

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“If mold remains behind a wall or in a place you can’t get to, then it grows back just as before,” Ellis said. “If you notice trouble breathing, a musty basement or standing water in your home, then you’ve likely got mold.”

With more than 40 years of experience, Compleat Restoration is a leader in mold remediation. The first step in Compleat’s mold remediation process is to identify the source of moisture and dry the area. The environment inside the home should not exceed 60 percent relative humidity. Professionals create an area of containment to isolate the work area.

This protects the contents inside your facility, as well as employees and occupants. Remediation itself includes HEPA vacuum and physical removal of all materials affected by the mold contamination. Even if the mold is dead, allergens and toxins are still present.

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If you want to learn more about mold remediation or set up an interview, then contact Ellis at (800) 699-1176 or [email protected]

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