DMi Partners Clinches Top Honors in 2024 US Partnership Awards for Affiliate Marketing Excellence

DMi Partners

PHILADELPHIA, PA — DMi Partners, a leading marketing agency, has garnered significant recognition in the 2024 US Partnership Awards, securing Silver for Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy and Bronze for Best Affiliate Program Optimization. The awards, a collaborative effort between Hello Partner and PerformanceIn, spotlight standout achievements in the realm of partnership marketing.

The Silver award celebrates DMi Partners’ collaboration with Minted and, marking a milestone in affiliate marketing strategy. This alliance aimed to boost Minted’s sales across various segments, including holiday cards, stationery, weddings, and children’s items. By leveraging’s advanced partnership management platform, DMi Partners was able to refine reporting processes, enabling more effective publisher analysis and KPI tracking. This strategic approach led to optimized budget allocation and subsequent sales growth in key product categories, alongside cost savings through adept commission rate adjustments.

In addition, DMi Partners’ work with Weber, the global leader in grilling products, earned them Bronze in the Best Affiliate Program Optimization category. Faced with budgetary constraints and stringent return on ad spend (ROAS) requirements, DMi conducted an exhaustive analysis to identify growth avenues. The result was a finely tuned affiliate campaign strategy that not only captured significant year-over-year revenue gains but also recuperated losses from previous loyalty and Card Linked Offer (CLO) partnerships.

Patrick McKenna, CEO of DMi Partners, expressed pride in the recognition, attributing the success to the firm’s strategic acumen and the technological prowess of partners like Impact. “These awards underscore the importance of innovative strategy and the right technology partners in achieving outstanding campaign results,” said McKenna.

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DMi Partners’ achievements highlight the potential of affiliate marketing strategies to adapt and thrive even amidst financial constraints and shifting market dynamics. The recognition by Hello Partner and PerformanceIn serves as a benchmark for excellence in the industry, showcasing the value of meticulous strategy, robust analytics, and agile campaign management in driving growth and efficiency in affiliate marketing.

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