Delaware DOT and DFS Partner to Plant over 12,000 Trees for Life

Tree PlantingImage via Delaware Department of Agriculture

DELAWARE — The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announced it is partnering with the Delaware Department of Agriculture’s Delaware Forest Service (DFS) to plant over 12,100 trees in support of the Forest Initiative Fund (FIF). FIF was created by the DFS to help address water quality, air quality, and overall life for all of Delawareans in the simplest way, through the planting of trees. This program is designed to enhance both rural and urban forests throughout Delaware, as well as ease to landowners and communities, while at the same time providing the key benefits all need. Pictured here are just two examples of what programs the DFS provides.

The trees are being planted in the state right-of-way, along the POW-MIA Parkway, west of Charles Polk Road in Dover and along Route 1, south of Johnson Road in Lincoln. The trees will be a variety of sizes and native species, ranging from small seedlings to larger balled and burlapped trees. In addition, some flowering species to support pollinators for beautification will be included.

“These recent plantings are a great representation of state agencies working together to promote sustainable forestry efforts for future generations. The development of the Forest Initiative Fund (FIF) created an opportunity for DelDOT to partner with the Delaware Department of Agriculture’s Delaware Forest Service to create new forests and reduce maintenance costs for the Agency. It has been a pleasure working with DelDOT to find innovative ways to implement tree plantings alongside of our roadways which will help with stormwater filtration, air quality, and aesthetics for our local residents and visitors,” said Delaware State Forester Kyle Hoyd.

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“In addition to the many environmental benefits trees provide, these afforestation projects will also reduce approximately 20 acres of mowing for [DelDOT] and we are continuing to look at other areas across the State, where we can do additional plantings,” added Secretary of Transportation Nicole Majeski.

This partnership helps promote sustainable forestry practices by two State agencies in order to ensure forests for future Delawareans. With DelDOT as a State agency owning a large portion of Delaware land, this partnership will provide multiple future opportunities to collaborate as they strive to meet the goal of appropriate usage of open space. Even though the Forest Initiative Fund is in its first year, and the latest program since the Delaware Forest Service’s implementation in 1927, the FIF has resulted in the planting of 77,000 trees with private and public landowners. More information on the DFS forest stewardship program: More information on the DFS landowner assistance program:

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