ClimeCo Unveils EcoCommitted Partner Program, Empowering SMBs to Embrace Sustainability


BOYERTOWN, PA — In a bid to combat climate change and foster sustainability, ClimeCo has launched its EcoCommitted Partner Program. The initiative offers small and midsize businesses (SMBs) an accessible and affordable avenue to implement a sustainability strategy, reduce their carbon footprint, and exemplify environmental stewardship.

The Pennsylvania-based global sustainability company is pioneering this innovative program that allows businesses to purchase offset credits from a selection of vetted environmental projects worldwide. These projects have been handpicked by ClimeCo for their outstanding performance and positive environmental impact. They encompass a range of endeavors, including forest conservation and management, harmful methane gas removal, and industrial greenhouse gas emissions abatement.

Businesses can select from three tiered options designed to offset their entire operations for a year:

  • A $400 investment enables a 32 metric ton (MT) offset, equivalent to removing 7 gasoline-powered vehicles off the road for one year.
  • An $800 investment permits a 64 MT offset, roughly the same as the carbon dioxide emissions produced by the annual energy use of 8 homes.
  • A $1600 investment provides a 128 MT offset, similar to the carbon dioxide emissions generated by consuming 300 barrels of oil.

ClimeCo has meticulously calculated these figures to match the size of the participating businesses. Registration is streamlined and takes less than a minute via an e-commerce enabled website. For more specific requirements, such as custom footprint calculations, shipping offsets, events, or plastic usage, or to specify particular projects to support, companies can directly contact ClimeCo’s team of experts.

Partners in the EcoCommitted program receive a custom certificate to showcase their commitment to sustainability. This can be displayed at their premises, on their website, or on social media platforms. This badge of honor can attract a growing number of consumers who prefer to patronize environmentally-conscious businesses. The EcoCommitted status, however, must be renewed annually.

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Bill Flederbach, ClimeCo’s President and Chief Executive Officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to making sustainability accessible. “Interest in taking tangible steps to help the planet has never been higher, but many are intimidated by the process or unsure how to get started,” he said. “We’ve created the EcoCommitted Partner Program to remove barriers to entry and allow businesses to move forward easily and with great confidence in the impact of the programs they’re supporting.”

ClimeCo is a leading force in advancing a low-carbon future and restoring nature through market-based solutions. Its services span environmental asset innovation, ESG and climate strategy consulting, regulatory and policy advisory, environmental credits, API solutions, and climate action certification programs.

The launch of the EcoCommitted Partner Program marks a significant step in ClimeCo’s mission to empower businesses towards sustainability. As more SMBs join the initiative, it will be interesting to watch the potential ripple effect as other businesses follow suit, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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