Cerascreen Hosting Booth at 2021 Philadelphia Natural Products Expo

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Company will be showcasing its new vitamin D home diagnostic test

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Cerascreen® announced it is hosting a booth at the Philadelphia Natural Products Expo in the Lifestyle Section from September 22-25. Cerascreen is celebrating the U.S. launch of its most advanced, vitamin D at-home sample collection testing kit, which allows patients an easy and inexpensive way to regularly test vitamin D levels at home.

Though the medical community insists that vitamin D levels must be constantly monitored, it is not easy for patients to get tested. Up-to-date information is especially important for women, patients with serious disease and those at risk for illnesses due to family history. The vitamin D test is poised to become one of cerascreen’s flagship tests. The company is positioned to become the leader in modern, preventative health care by lowering costs and making the process quicker and more efficient.

General practitioners insist on in-patient visits to discuss issues, and then draw blood on premises or patients are referred, possibly to another laboratory location to have many vials of blood drawn. Patients then receive multiple bills and results can take weeks or months to come in, followed by another appointment if a deficiency is discovered.

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Global studies continually prove that insufficient vitamin D in the human body is the most critical vitamin deficiency. Possible symptoms of a lack of vitamin D include exhaustion and fatigue, frequent infections as well as muscle weakness and muscle pain. The lack of vitamin D can lead to softening of bones, osteoporosis and fractures. Scientists are also researching the connection between vitamin D deficiency and diseases such as depression, cancer and cardiovascular disease. The mission and vision of cerascreen’s in-home testing is to give patients and their loved ones an easy and efficient way to test vitamin D in a comfortable setting without the need for a visit to the doctor.

“Cerascreen’s presence this year at the Natural Products Expo East will give us the opportunity to highlight the benefits of our product philosophy,” said cerascreen U.S. Business General Manager Thomas Hillard. “We support and have a true synergy with everyone here taking part in the expo and are aligned with the supplement and natural product companies attending this important event. Cerascreen plans to be the world’s most trusted digital predictive health platform. Our company complements the efforts of exhibitors dedicated to supplements and healthy lifestyles with the offering of regular testing for vitamin D deficiency.

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“We are invested in the health of the American public, which is why being able to monitor and improve health based on timely testing information is so important. Our at-home testing is a perfect match for those people doing everything they can to stay healthy. People will know when their health is improving based on testing results they can control. Cerascreen’s at-home test is easy and affordable, giving everyone the opportunity to live healthier and happier lives.”

At-home testing kits have been available for almost a decade and the popularity has grown over the last three years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the acceptance of the reliability of home testing and industry success, companies have seen an influx of $2 billion of venture capital raised for home testing in Europe and the U.S.

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Based in Hamburg, Germany, Cerascreen was founded in 2012 and has launched more than 70 at-home tests and offers products in 19 European countries and the United States. Cerascreen carries out more than 150,000 medical tests every year.

For more information, visit cerascreen.com/products/vitamin-d-test.

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