CenTrak Partners with The Leapfrog Group to Enhance Patient Safety


NEWTOWN, PA — CenTrak announced its partnership with The Leapfrog Group, an independent watchdog focused on healthcare safety. The collaboration aims to advance patient safety through the Partners Advisory Committee (PAC), a platform dedicated to creating and evaluating initiatives for better patient well-being.

“Through our unwavering dedication to developing innovative, high-quality solutions, ranging from Electronic Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring to Infant Protection, Staff Duress, and more, CenTrak prioritizes positive outcomes for patients, staff, and their families,” shares Crystal Ryan, chief commercial officer at CenTrak. “Our ongoing commitment to safety, quality, and transparency aligns well with The Leapfrog Group’s top priorities, and we take great pride in our expanded role on the Partner Advisory Committee, where we aim to significantly impact safety in healthcare.”

The announcement emphasizes CenTrak’s recent launch of Hand Hygiene, an advanced cloud-based software designed to combat Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). This application automates compliance reporting, helping healthcare organizations meet the stringent requirements of The Joint Commission and The Leapfrog Group. By providing actionable insights, Hand Hygiene aims to enhance clinical and operational efficiencies while improving overall performance.

CenTrak’s involvement with the PAC and its deployment of new technologies is crucial. As hospitals and healthcare facilities face increasing pressure to improve patient outcomes, technologies that ensure safety and efficiency become indispensable. HAIs are a significant concern, impacting patient recovery and hospital costs. Automated hand hygiene compliance can drastically reduce infection rates, leading to better patient care and reduced healthcare expenses.

Moreover, CenTrak’s comprehensive safety solutions extend beyond infection control. The company addresses serious safety issues through real-time location solutions, tackling problems like environmental hazards, infant abduction, patient elopement, and physical assaults on staff. These technologies not only protect patients but also create a safer working environment for healthcare providers.

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Leah Binder, president and CEO of Leapfrog, highlighted the importance of this partnership. “We are proud to partner with CenTrak to improve patient safety in the United States. We need their insights and expertise more than ever. Every American deserves the highest quality care, and together with CenTrak we can achieve our shared vision for excellence,” she said.

Elevating Healthcare Safety: The Impact of CenTrak’s Leapfrog Partnership

The implications of this partnership are far-reaching. For healthcare facilities, aligning with The Leapfrog Group’s standards means a commitment to higher safety and quality benchmarks. Hospitals are increasingly evaluated based on their safety records, and those that excel in these areas can attract more patients and secure better reimbursement rates from insurers.

For patients, this partnership promises a safer hospital experience. With tools to monitor and improve hand hygiene compliance and systems to address potential safety threats, patients can expect fewer complications and a smoother recovery process.

In summary, CenTrak’s partnership with The Leapfrog Group represents a significant step forward in enhancing healthcare safety standards. By integrating cutting-edge technology with rigorous safety protocols, this collaboration aims to foster an environment where patient and staff safety is paramount. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, such partnerships will be essential in driving innovations that ensure the highest standards of care.

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