Cecil County Council Boosts Snow Removal Budget, Reappoints Trustee to Public Safety Pension Plan Board

Cecil CountyImage via Cecil County Government

ELKTON, MD — In its latest legislative session on March 5, 2024, the County Council of Cecil County enacted two key resolutions that will have significant impacts on public works and public safety pensions.

The first resolution, Resolution No. 11-2024, involves a supplemental appropriation to the Roads Division of the Department of Public Works. In an effort to ensure the timely removal of snow from county roadways, the council approved moving $300,000 from the unassigned general fund balance to the Roads Division. This additional budget allocation echoes the council’s commitment to maintaining safe and accessible roads, especially during the winter season when snow can cause disruptions.

This move is expected to bolster the department’s ability to respond to heavy snowfall in the county and ensure that residents can travel safely. The importance of this action is underscored by recent winters, which have seen substantial snowfall. With these additional funds, the Roads Division should be better equipped to handle any future snow-related challenges.

The second enactment, Resolution No. 12-2024, confirms the reappointment of Matthew Carr to the Public Safety Pension Plan Board of Trustees. Carr, who has previously served on the board, will now continue his term until December 31, 2026. The Public Safety Pension Plan Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the pension plan that benefits the county’s public safety employees. Carr’s reappointment signals the council’s confidence in his ability to continue making informed decisions for the benefit of the county’s public safety personnel.

These decisions were made at the County Council Legislative Session Day 2024-05. Copies of the resolutions are available at the County Administration Building in Elkton and can also be accessed on the Cecil County Government website.

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The enactments represent notable efforts by the County Council to prioritize both the immediate needs of the community, such as snow removal, and the long-term financial security of its public safety employees. As winter weather continues to pose challenges and the needs of public safety personnel evolve, these resolutions underscore the council’s commitment to serving the residents of Cecil County effectively and responsively.

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