CaseNetwork Launches CoreWellness (CW2.0) Wellness Curriculum & CW Index Assessment Tool for Healthcare Professionals


NEWTOWN SQUARE, PA — CaseNetwork announced the launch of CoreWellness 2.0 and the CoreWellness Index, both important advances in wellness training and assessment for healthcare students, trainees, and faculty. CaseNetwork’s industry-leading wellness programs are delivered with AI-driven, mobile-first technology to help the busy healthcare professional build resilience, decrease burnout and better cope with the unique challenges of the healthcare environment.

Key findings from the 2020 Survey of America’s Physicians COVID-19 Impact Edition indicate worsening mental health conditions for healthcare professionals, with 87% experiencing increased stress, 58% having feelings of burnout, 50% experiencing anxiety, 30% feeling hopeless, 18% increasing use of medications, alcohol or illicit drugs and 8% having thoughts of self-harm, but only 13% seeking any mental health resources.

As a result of this worsening mental health crisis, CaseNetwork developed a new comprehensive assessment tool, the CoreWellness Index (CWI), specifically designed for healthcare professionals. The CWI measures individual and institutional wellness over 8 wellbeing domains (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, occupational, environmental, and financial. The CWI will be offered for free during the month of September 2021 to support and bring awareness to mental health during National Suicide Prevention Month.

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Any identified gaps in wellbeing can be effectively addressed by the fully integrated CoreWellness 2.0 program. New efficacy-enhancing features of the CoreWellness 2.0 program include a wellness coach and virtual colleagues that provide feedback and community, so a trainee receives support in their individual journey to better mental health. Plus, a comprehensive facilitator’s guide is included for those programs that add “team learning” to the “individual learning” option.

“Many institutions strive to provide wellness interventions and services to combat the unique stressors faced by healthcare professionals,” said CaseNetwork Founder and CEO, Jeffrey S. Levy, MD. “With the launch of CoreWellness 2.0 and the CoreWellness Index, we can bring practical tools directly to healthcare students, trainees, and faculty when and where they need it. Our goal is to partner with healthcare training institutions to assess their baseline wellness, and then provide individuals with targeted evidence-based strategies to build healthier habits and improve wellbeing.”

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