CAPE Movement Launches its First Ever Mindset Method Program for Kids

renee and angie school photoRenee Vardouniotis and Angie Leitnaker (Submitted Image)

PHILADELPHIA, PA — On the heels of the pandemic, it is no secret that there is a growing mental health crisis in America. In addition to experiencing their own struggles with mental healthadults are extremely worried about anxiety and depression in our youth. Although these concerns existed prior to 2020, the pandemic has exacerbated many of the already-existing mental health challenges in children. With the overwhelming amount of resources, practices, and tactics out there to address mental wellness in adults, the question still remains – How do we translate these skills to help our children?

The CAPE Movement™ was founded during the pandemic by two educators with a passion for mindset and empowerment. Renee Vardouniotis and Angie Leitnaker recognized that there is a need to address the underlying cause of social and emotional struggles in a developmentally appropriate manner. They created the revolutionary CAPE Mindset Method for Kids, a program that is designed to improve academic, emotional, social and behavioral performance through the application of science-based strategies and innovative learning techniques. The CAPE Mindset Method for Kids program is the first of its kind. With 13 audio lessons and related activities, the program is a powerful and effective social-emotional learning tool for all ages and levels of ability. All content is accessed virtually through an easy-to-navigate online platform, and can be utilized from any electronic device, anywhere. Lesson topics such as self-image, confidence, fear, processing emotions, and mindfulness are all geared towards expanding awareness, elevating mindset, and embodying positive energy.

What sets the CAPE Mindset Method for Kids apart from other programs is the incorporation of the evidence-based learning technique of spaced repetition. Spaced repetition has been proven by science to help retain more information than traditional learning techniques. Hundreds of studies have demonstrated that spaced repetition maximizes student learning and leads to durable retention of the information and incorporation into long term memory. The CAPE Mindset Method for Kids guides children to understand how their minds work and channel their thoughts in a positive manner, setting them up for educational, relationship, and life success.

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School connectedness is key to addressing youth adversities at all times- especially during times of severe disruptions. Students need support now more than ever. By making sure that schools are inclusive, safe, and providing opportunities to be mentored by supportive adults, we can address mental wellness more effectively.

“As a team with over thirty years of teaching experience working in schools, it’s important to us that CAPE provides support and is able to aid the backbone of our society: our educators,” says Co-founder Angie Leitnaker. “A growth-minded school system builds growth-minded children.”

To learn more, you can join CAPE for a 3-Day ‘Confidence and Mindset Method for Kids’ Masterclass. This Masterclass will provide tips and tricks on how to give your children/students the gifts of a lifetime: enhanced self-confidence, self-image, self-belief, self-compassion, self-respect, and self-empowerment. It will be held virtually from March 20-22 at 1 pm EST.

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