Boomi Unveils AI Agents: Revolutionizing Industrial Automation and Data Management


CONSHOHOCKEN, PABoomi has recently introduced a suite of six Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents on its enterprise platform, all announced at the recent Boomi World event. The game-changing agents, which are part of existing customer licenses, harness the power of AI to facilitate innovative solutions across various operations.

The agents, termed Boomi Answers, Boomi DataDetective, Boomi DesignGen, Boomi GPT, Boomi Pathfinder, and Boomi Scribe, offer a range of intelligent solutions. Boomi Answers, for instance, provides instant responses from over 240k community users to queries, saving time usually spent browsing through community discussions. Boomi DataDetective offers AI-powered data classification ensuring data privacy and tracking data movement, while Boomi DesignGen designs integration operations based on over 200 million common patterns.

Boomi GPT transforms natural language descriptions of automation and integration requirements into actionable results. Boomi Pathfinder suggests the most optimal next steps in integration processes, while Boomi Scribe eliminates the manual labor involved in integrating AI processes by documenting them automatically.

To further hasten innovation, Boomi’s newly introduced AI Agent Framework offers integration and non-code development capabilities. It allows both business and IT users to operate Boomi or partner-built AI agents, as well as developing and operating their own AI agents to solve pressing integration and automation needs.

Steve Lucas, CEO of Boomi, states that AI agents are revolutionizing various industries by automating repetitive tasks, analyzing vast data sets, and offering personalized customer service. “Boomi delivers the data that fuels AI. The Boomi AI Agents enhance efficiency, accuracy, and scalability for organizations by working around the clock with precision. They enhance decision-making and support human workers while driving innovation, leading to increased productivity and cost savings,” Lucas stated.

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AI agents are software entities, designed to function with specific scopes. They operate autonomously within set parameters and can make decisions using advanced AI-based reasoning algorithms. Capable of functioning with or without human intervention, these agents can either work independently or collaborate with other AI agents, depending on task requirements. Their autonomy and flexibility allow them to perform a wide range of functions across various applications, improving decision-making with data-driven insights, and enabling new applications and services.

The Boomi AI Agent Framework comprises Boomi AI Agents, Partner AI Agents, and User-created AI Agents. Boomi AI Agents provide AI-powered functionalities within the platform that can be utilized through various interfaces or via API. Partner AI Agents are components that allow users of the Boomi Enterprise Platform to install and use AI functions from Boomi’s network of partners. Meanwhile, User-created AI Agents are developed using the Boomi Enterprise Platform, which provides the necessary building blocks. The platform’s features allow the creation of sophisticated workflows to retrieve, combine, filter, and contextualize data.

In the future, as AI continues its relentless march towards reshaping how business operates, Boomi’s AI agents stand as a testament to the endless innovative possibilities that lie dormant within AI technology.

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